Three (Incorrect) Assumptions Everyone Makes Before A Renovation


Contemplating undertaking a renovation on your home is not something that many of us take lightly.

In fact, the entire process tends to be stereotyped by the idea that it will be absolute hell until you’re complete. That makes sense – but only to a point. While there is always going to be some stress caused by having to pick apart an area and then put it back together to create a beautiful room in its place, it is possible to over-estimate just how much trouble a renovation is going to be.

If you fall into this trap, then you could find that you talk yourself out of renovation projects; projects that might actually be fine for you to do and cope with. Here are four assumptions that people make about the process of a renovation – and most importantly, why they’re wrong.

ASSUMPTION: The Entire House Is Going To Be A Mess

Yes, a renovation does have a tendency to take over the entire house – but this assumption is more about poor management than something that is truly inevitable. If you learn to organize a single-room renovation correctly, then you can keep the space well-contained, and the rest of the house can continue as it usually is.

If you’re undertaking a big project, then the best choice is to designate a second room or area as a ‘holding space’ during the renovation. This can house all the things you’re due to install or hang on the walls, while you do the basic work on the room in question. While this does mean the work is still spreading beyond the room itself, just having one room monopolized is preferable to the entire house.

ASSUMPTION: The House Is Going To Smell Of Paint Fumes

Paint fumes are legitimately terrible; they can cause headaches, make you cough, and seem to take days to fully diminish. It’s enough to make you want to swear off paint forever, especially if you’re going to be having more than one room painted at once.

However, this isn’t something you particularly need to worry about anymore. Paint technology has changed, and more and more manufacturers are switching to fume-free paint production. If you want to double-down on this health and environmentally-friendly approach, then have your painting done by the likes of Ecopainting, who prioritize in finding eco-friendly materials for the entire job. This should lower the risk of fumes and be better for the environment.

ASSUMPTION: It’s Going To Be Quick

Finally, a nod to one of the positive assumptions that we all have a tendency to make – because making it can lead to misery when you realize just how wrong you were. However long you estimate a renovation is going to take, it’s probably going to take half as long again. If you try and stick to an unrealistic schedule, then you’re just going to become despondent when it doesn’t work out. So give yourself some leniency regarding the finishing time and help to manage your expectations.

A renovation is always going to have its challenges, but hopefully you now have a better idea of how to improve the ones you will be faced with.

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