Morpheus8 Reverses The Hands Of Time

Morpheus8 is a non-invasive restorative treatment that boosts skin tone and texture by combining micro-needling with radiofrequency dynamism. Dr. David Shokrian, famous plastic surgeon and proprietor of Millennial plastic surgery, offers this treatment in conjunction with his proprietary endlessly-blooming Biomimetic science.

Men often have thicker and coarser skin composition than women, which can endure challenges such as active blemishes, aged blemishes, scars, sagging skin, wrinkles, and jowls in the midface and neck. Yet, the Morpheus8 treatment is credible and custom-made to meet each patient’s particular needs, including men, helping them obtain a more sealed, more youthful, and attractive complexion. By utilizing the micro-needling and radiofrequency energy blend, the treatment produces the body’s own therapeutic techniques to kick into extreme gear and construct collagen, close pores, increase elasticity, and firm loose, saggy skin, providing men with a non-obtrusive solution for skin revitalization.

Shokrian discusses how this treatment differs from similar treatments, including micro-needling: “It uses radio frequency energy that emits specific, effective high energy stimulus to the underlying dermis and fat to increase the body’s ability to rejuvenate and tighten rapidly. It’s like micro-needling with a nuclear engine behind it.”


During the 30-minute procedure, microneedles penetrate the skin and liberate radiofrequency energy, stimulating collagen and elastin construction. This process helps to tighten and firm the skin, boost its texture, and reduce the image of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment has also been effective for skin tightening on miscellaneous body parts, including the arms, thighs, and hands.

Dr. Shokrian explains how the Morpheus8 treatment works, “For a Morpheus8 treatment, microneedles create micro-injuries on targeted skin areas to stimulate collagen production for wrinkle reduction. Once the microneedles penetrate the skin, they emit heat from radiofrequency waves that penetrate deeper skin layers, resulting in a tightening of the underlying fat and skin.”

Men’s facial hair can also cause irritation and ingrown hair. A wide variety of treatments are available to address various skin concerns. Still, it is important to find ones suited to each patient’s needs, including men. Morpheus8 is one such treatment that can be customized to address men’s skin concerns, including acne scarring and sagging skin, providing a non-invasive solution for skin rejuvenation. In addition, men’s skin tends to be thicker and oilier than women’s, making it more prone to acne and other skin concerns.

Patients experience minimal downtime, with only minor redness that disappears the next day. The immediate benefits of the treatment include improved skin tone, brightness, and glow.

Dr. Shokrian recommends Morpheus8 to most of his patients, with three sessions recommended 3-4 weeks apart for maximum benefit. The procedure costs approximately $2500 per session. Shokrian also offers a proprietary stem cell face mask infusion that can be combined with the Morpheus8 treatment for even more dramatic results.

Even though fashion choices and hairstyles may be regrettable, Morpheus8 treatments have lasting results that continue to improve. In this era of high-definition cameras, achieving radiant and luminous skin is even more important for public figures, and it can be achieved with the Morpheus8 treatment.

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