Top 3 favorite items from FirstMadenyc premium outerwear

FirstMade believes that products should be made for the customer’s enjoyment and not for retailer’s gain.

FirstMadenyc is one of the brands you should know about. They manufacture at the same factories like other high end brands such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and DKNY. Their premium and high quality outerwear was founded by Lisa Mun who was a long time buyer at Barney New York. Unlike a lot of other premium brands they don’t have a brick and mortar store. Traditional retailers bear the cots of rents, sales people and high salaried executives in the cots of the product. does not sell to retail but directly to you which means that no retail costs are transferred to you. This gives them the freedom to increase quality without over pricing their products. I made a top 3 of my favorite outerwear items from their collection. Let me know what you think and what jacket you would wear the coming season.

Kimono Jacquard Bomber – Limited edition

I love jacquard material it looks classy and gives any outfit an upgrade. This kimono bomber in black and blue with diamond quilted lining is one of my favorites because of the beautiful material and style.

Down Vest – Digitally Printed "Floral"

Warm floral vest great to wear when it gets a bit colder outside. With a contrast lining and bright floral print you won’t get the winter blues! Love to wear this when I’m layering my outfit.

Ultra Long Down Coat with Detachable Hood – Gunmetal Grey

How to be prepared this winter season? With this gunmetal grey long coat you will be warm the whole season. I love the metallic color and thick material. The coat has a slimming back shape and detachable hood.

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