Interview with YouTuber Kidstar Gaming

The gaming industry is taking off like never before. One of those gamers is NGUYEN HOANG KHANG who created Kidstar Gaming. He puts out gaming content for months now and his channel is growing fast. He is dedicated and focused on growing his YouTube channel and shares his experience. Read the interview to find out more.

Tell us about yourself
Hello my name is NGUYEN HOANG KHANG my YouTube stage name is Kidstar Gaming, currently my channel is working on the topic of PUBG Mobile game And I am the Content Creator of this game on Youtube if anyone loves this game, please If you can support Kidstar, I have advice for everyone to live with the same passion as I am right now.

Can you tell us about PUBG Mobile game and why it’s so popular?
PUBG Mobile is a survival game that is loved by the whole world with difficult and conquest game details, so the game is loved by many people.

Why did you started your own YouTube channel?
Because I love the game so much and I want to share my best gaming moment for everyone to see.

How do you want your channel to develop?
I want to have many supporters and watch my videos just gaming videos and I’m sure my content will be very interesting for viewers of my channel called Kidsstar Gaming everyone remember to support Kidsstar.

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