Five Creative Ways to Improve Your Leadership and Management Aptitude Fast

Except for jungle lions and a couple of high-ranking CEOs, there are few natural-born leaders among us. With the pandemic just winding down, even those with true leadership potential are still stuck working from home – not the most ideal place for managing your team or business. Thus, it’s safe to say that all of us could use a little help in the leadership and management department.

Luckily, charismatic leaders aren’t just born, they’re also made with a few leadership and management skills and a ton of experience. While this article can’t help with the experience part, it still has a few leadership and management tricks up its sleeve!

Good old workplace initiative!

There are few better ways of showing your leadership potential than taking initiative. This means showing up and stepping up. Thus, whenever there’s a problem to be solved, be the person who volunteers – raise your hand and take the chance to show off your skillset. However, don’t let yourself get sidetracked, taking initiative doesn’t just mean fending for yourself. It also means helping other struggling employees and mentoring newbies that are just getting their feet wet.

By showing initiative, you’re not just helping your company, you’re demonstrating a desire for personal growth and development in the workplace – what top-ranking executive wouldn’t want to see that?

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Be the inspiration you want to see in others

While showing initiative is the first step to leadership, there’s a lot more to it than just doing the work. One of the most crucial skills to have in your arsenal is the will and ability to inspire. A great manager doesn’t just organize checkpoints but tries to bring purpose into every task as well. If you truly believe in the importance of your work, that enthusiasm will spread across the office like wildfire.

However, don’t forget to pay attention to all of your coworkers. Look for the ones that may be struggling and help them find purpose in their work again. Being that spark of inspiration will earn you the respect of peers and executives alike!

Sign up for a course in leadership

Although this piece of advice may come off as corny, just give it a chance. We’re in 2022 now and leadership courses aren’t what they used to be – they’re no longer never-ending seminars at cheap hotels with a subpar continental breakfast. Over the last few years, providers of leadership courses have stepped up their game.

Today, companies can try out immersive business simulation games like Wyda, that let you and your team improve your leadership skillset and become more business savvy. These games don’t require hours of travel or even lost weekends. All you need to do is step into the virtual interactive business world and come out a well-rounded business professional.

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Never stop learning

Just because you’ve moved up in rankings, it doesn’t mean that all the work is done. After all, even big-shot CEOs go to seminars and retreats from time to time. Thus, instead of getting comfortable in your position, start asking questions. Do a deep dive and see what skills your company is looking for with new hires and check if you’ve mastered all of them.

A great place to start a life-long learning practice is right at the office – see what seminars the company is offering and choose one that seems interesting to you. Another way to go about this is by reading up on relevant literature while on vacation. This doesn’t have to be hard-hitting stuff, just something relevant enough to keep that work-life balance in check.

Don’t just be a leader, be a follower too!

The most important leadership skill you’ll ever learn is knowing when to step back. While a good leader inspires and delegates, a great one knows when to stay quiet and just listen. Letting other employees take the lead enhances communication and trust in the office. If coworkers know their voice is valued, they won’t be afraid to come to you with ideas and concerns.

Through an open communication channel, you’ll delegate tasks better, as you’ll know what works better for who – everyone will have a chance to shine! In short, you’ll work with a team instead of just a group of employees.

Wrapping up

Being a leader isn’t just something that happens overnight, even for those natural-born go-getters. Commanding a room, let alone a company, takes practice, experience, and dedication.

Thus, before trying out any of the tips above, look at yourself and your career – find true purpose in it before starting to improve your skillset. After all, fake enthusiasm is something almost anyone can see through, especially in business.

Written by Mike Johnston

Main Photo by Alexander Suhorucov

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