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nora_1Nora Gouma is truly an international model on a mission. As a spokesperson, businesswoman and activist, she is redefining the term “Supermodel” and taking branding to a whole new level.

Gouma is the founder of Modelonamission, a company and magazine that is changing the perception of modeling, beauty and fashion. Gouma believes modeling should not be defined by the size zero dress you can fit into but rather an extension of a women’s inner beauty no matter the size dress you fit into.

Gouma is a multidimensional woman of force demanding a change in the world’s perception of beauty. Modelonamission magazine is Gouma’s voice to make a positive impact on society and a platform to challenge controversial topics in the fashion industry.

Gouma’s extensive modeling career has position her into being an expert in brand awareness, fashion, beauty and understanding eco-friendly brands. She offers her experiences to help brands to leave lasting and resonating experiences with their cliental. Nora Gouma is a raising industry fire, captivating the need for change and brand direction within the industry.