The Building Blocks of a Beautiful Room

Your home is your sanctuary. Regardless of what you do, who you are, or where you go, your home should be where you can relax and let your guard down. It should be a safe and comfortable place, just for you. There are as many design choices as there are people, but when you are looking to decorate your room (as opposed to settling for whatever you can throw in it), there are a few building blocks that you can use as a guide. These building blocks are staple pieces that can apply to everyone so you can make your perfect room today.

  1. Cleanliness

When you are moving in or looking to redecorate, the first thing you need to do is clean everything. If the walls are looking a tad dated, repaint them. Steam-clean the floors if required, or replace the flooring altogether if you’re sick of the old carpet. The first step to any beautiful room is to have a fresh canvas to work on.

  1. The Required Furniture

This is the furniture that your room needs to have to function. A couch, a bed, a dresser – the big-ticket items that provide the function for your room. They are the items that you build the rest of the room from, so make sure that the pieces you have, work for different design ideas. You will likely want to change things up in the future, so having pieces that will work for different designs is an investment.

  1. The Secondary Furniture

This furniture is less necessary and more there for design. A small table beside the window, a coffee table, a bookshelf. These are things you want to have, but don’t need to have. They don’t have to match the base furniture per se, but they should be harmonious.

  1. Decorations

This is where your designer’s eye comes in! Go crazy with smaller design items that really speak to you. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs, and artwork all apply. For smaller apartments, consider using mirrors to both brighten the space and make it seem more spacious. Use these decorations to maximize the space you have by adding focal points, and to express yourself. If you get bored of the look, it’s easy to switch it up!

  1. Lighting

Lighting is something that a lot of people forget about because typically the room they have already has lighting installed. Not only should you switch out the lights that came with your place, but you should also think about what kind of lights would optimize your space. You can do something as simple as installing new ceiling lights that match your room, or you could get creative with how the light functions in the space.

Build a room in the order above, and you will create a unified set that is perfect just for you. Always leave the lighting to the end, as how the room is lit depends entirely on what is in it. If you have a set of furniture already and can’t change it, see about painting the hard surfaces a similar color or reupholstering your couches. There are many little things you can do to make your room yours! It just takes a bit of creativity and dedication.

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