Old Houses of Lithuania

Old Houses of Lithuania is a film photography project that started in 2016 of documenting old houses that will bring you back in time.

The photographer who is self-taught started her photography journey in her home country Lithuania when she was 13 years old. She didn’t know about composition and didn’t attend art school. Using her parent’s camera, she would photograph flowers, trees and snowed bushes around the house. Photography was like her asylum of safety and a playground nobody knew nor cared. She likes playing with light and shades and was skipping classes to take shoots of landscapes and then the houses showed up.

Lithuania has a long history and rich culture which makes it an interesting place for photography.  
Old wooden houses in the country side are disappearing and soon they all might be gone. The photographer captured theses unique houses beautifully. The houses all tell a unique story when it comes to location, the people who lived in the house and what their lives would’ve been like back in the days.

Most of the images are taken with an analog camera and some of them with a digital camera. Her project started gaining followers on Facebook. If you want to see more of her project you can visit her page here:




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