Mitchell Royel’s ‘Tree Crown’: An Expression of the Divine Union of Light and Dark

Mitchell Royel

Mitchell Royel—recording artist, fashion designer, and editor-in-chief—is known for his signature style that carries a strong sense of mysticism and spirituality. His latest fashion statement, the Tree Crown, is no exception. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Royel opened up about the symbolism behind this custom designed headpiece.

According to him, it represents “the divine union of light and dark within each of us.”

The Tree Crown is a unique headpiece made of gold-plated wood adorned with intricate details that feel like dangling pearls and a crescent moon. In an email interview, Mr. Royel revealed that he drew inspiration from both ancient Christian mythology as well as modern New Age mysticism when designing this piece.

“I wanted to create something that wasn’t bound by any one religion or spiritual practice but rather was an amalgamation of all these different systems in order to represent something greater than myself—the divine connection between human beings and their higher power,” said Mr. Royel in the interview.

Stanley Hunt, Mitchell’s spokesperson further elaborated on the symbolism behind the Tree Crown design. “The crown itself is symbolic of royalty or divinity while the tree motif speaks to our connection to nature and its ever-changing cycles,” he explained. “We also incorporated invisible pearl drops because they symbolize purity and enlightenment.”

He added that “the crescent moon is a representation of duality; it speaks to embracing both our highest self as well as our shadows.”

It’s clear that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Mitchell Royel’s Tree Crown design; through his creative vision, he has created a powerful expression of unity between light and dark within us all.

As he puts it himself, “This is my way of expressing how we should strive for balance between our inner spirit and our physical world.”

For those looking for a meaningful way to express their own spiritual truth through fashion, this will certainly be an inspiring piece to add to your wardrobe!

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