The Power of Angel Investors: How VSR Helped Be Star Media Group Grow

VSR, angel investor, Be Star Media Group

Starting and growing a business can be an overwhelming experience. We see many entrepreneurs struggling to keep their business afloat without the appropriate guidance and resources. But imagine having an angel investor step in to support and guide you through the process. This is what happened to Lia Kees, founder of Be Star Media Group. In this blog post, we will dive deep into how Lia’s biggest influence, VSR, helped the company grow and become successful.

Be Star Media Group is a global agency founded by Lia Kees. Lia is Miss Europe 2016 and Miss Monaco 2020. She started the company to help other people achieve their dreams in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. However, Lia admits that she couldn’t have taken the agency to where it is without the help of VSR. VSR is an angel investor who not only provided financial support but also gave Lia invaluable advice and guidance.

VSR’s involvement in Be Star Media Group started when he saw the potential in Lia’s idea. He invested in the company and provided all the necessary to help it take off. But his support went beyond financial aid. VSR became a mentor to Lia, providing her with advice and resources to navigate the complex world of business. He helped her assemble a competent team, set goals, and make strategic decisions that would help the company grow.

VSR is not just an angel investor or a mentor. He is a guardian angel who has made a huge impact on Be Star Media Group and . His support, guidance, and belief in the project  have helped to achieve great results and to create a company that is respected and admired in the media and entertainment industry.

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