Review: Yahime aroma diffuser and essential oils

You can no longer ignore it: the aroma diffuser. I have to be honest my interest was piqued as well. I have tried an aroma diffuser from Yahime. An aroma diffuser could also help to disinfect the air in case of illness and also help to reduce the symptoms of colds and fu. After using it for a couple weeks it’s time to review and show you my experience with aromatherapy.


What exactly does such an aroma diffuser do? An aroma diffuser converts water into (cold) steam by means of high-frequency vibrations. By adding essential oils to the water, you can provide spaces with wonderful scents.

You fill the device with some water, add some essential oil and the device then spreads a cold steam through the room. In principle, the humidity in my house is always fine, but especially if I have the heating on in the winter, I suffer from dry air. An aroma diffuser is a solution for that. Furthermore, the scents that you use as aromatherapy have all kinds of properties and applications and can therefore influence your mood.


The diffuser from Yahime came in a standard box and when I unpacked it, I noticed that the material is very light. In terms of appearance, the device is very nice and can change color I think that is important as an interior freak. The essential oils, smelled delicious! It’s great for day and evening time.

Installing the Yahime diffuser

Installing the diffuser is also very simple. You put the plug in the socket, remove the lid and put some water into the device with the measuring cup. Just add a few drops I add 3-6 drops, depending on which oil I use and put the lid back on. Then you can turn it on. The fragrant steam immediately starts to spread and you hear a kind of soothing sounds of the water. I like to vary the scent every now and then, so I prefer to use less water so that it runs out faster. By the way, the device also switches off automatically when the water runs out, so that’s great!

Essential oils

Yes, I am a fan of Yahime! The aroma diffuser does a good job and the oils smell very nice. This aroma diffuser can be used all year round. Because there are many essential oils with different effects on body and mind, you can also use the diffuser if you have a cold, for example. The mist helps to disinfect a room, and can be very effective in aiding illness and recovery from illness. For example, if you use pure and pure peppermint and/or eucalyptus oil, it can clear up your stuffy nose.

Purity is one of the most important conditions for a good essential oil. Certainly with regard to essential oils, it is important that you choose a 100% pure oil. Counterfeit will probably give off a nice scent, but it’s not really therapeutic. Yahime essential oils are 100% pure and natural.

Improve your mood

Depending on the oils you use, your mood can improve. At least that’s how it often works for me. Especially when I use peppermint and eucalyptus oil, these two are very fresh and intense, which gives my mind a real boost. Especially if I can use some extra energy during my work, this is a wonderful way.

When I want to relax, I move the diffuser to my living room where I place it next to my couch. This really gives a wonderful scent and a lot of calm. I usually use lavender oil and orange oil. It gives a certain peace and gives a nice feeling.


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