Zoey Zo: A Star Shining

The love of performing arts is one of the greatest gifts among artists. As people who love the arts and strive to be part of a community that discovers rising talents, New York Art Life is happy to bring forward an artist New Yorkers should have their eye on. In this article, we will be introducing Zoey Zo, one of the most mesmerizing artists challenging conventional tropes in performing arts.

            Zoey Zo is a singer and actress based in New York City. Being in the city, she has the opportunity to discover the newest directors and stage performers that value her style of work and passion for the arts. Zoey Zo has been working with many brilliant directors capturing the essence of song in their filmmaking process, as well as stage productions. Zoey has been very happy working with these filmmakers, actors, and stage directors and producers. Her resume a long list of magnificent success within the performing arts, which highlights the importance of pursuing passion. Zoey was the first person in her family to chase the dream of being a singer, and she has been a successful passenger on that journey.


            Zoey has an extensive career in both TV/film, and stage productions ranging from plays and musicals to opera performances. She has also appeared in the 2021 Oscar Hammerstein Award Gala, which Zoey enjoyed tremendously due to the terrific ensemble that glorified the experience for her. Zoey equally loves the magical experiences of theater and film. On stage, she has made many appearances. Most recently, she was part of My Butterfly, the musical produced by Long Island Children’s Museum. Her character was named Shai, and Zoey found great comfort playing that role along the rest of the cast. Zoey had worked with Long Island Children’s Museum in the past as well. She was cast part of a comedy duo for Lyle the Crocodile, which was received amazingly well by the audience. The play also received high praise for its casting, for which Zoey excelled in with her performance.


            Zoey’s theater experience expanded with other great roles such as Nu Choy for the reading of Children in The Playground. The reading was directed by Benjamin Smith, one of the figures Zoey had a great time working with and forming an amazing connection with over their artistic approaches to performing arts. Furthermore, Zoey’s theatrical performances have also stretched beyond the borders extending to Taiwan. Two of her appearances were at Zhi Yin Black Box Studio, where she took into the prolific roles that marked a special milestone in her stage acting career. The first was The Explosion of 8-12, and her character was named Yang-Shuan. It was an intense yet rewarding experience. Continuing on that venue, Zoey portrayed Lai Zi-Xin in yet another theatrical production called Profile Face. During that time, Zoey reflected on how much those roles meant to her and what a great variety of characters she played. She is deeply grateful for blending into those personas and having them as important segments of her acting life.


            For Zoey Zo, acting and singing both have their equal parts in performing arts. She makes sure she is part of projects that fulfill both artistic needs for her. She’s had two very successful opera experiences. To trace back into Zoey’s musical career, she is a legitimate soprano singer as well as having the mix belt range. Her vocal range is A3-D6. Many have recognized her skill and mentioned how they can feel their soul as they hear her sing. She performed at Brancaleoni International Music Festival for the Opera Puccini: Suor Angelica in the role of Le Cercatrici. Within the opera, there are several nuns that followed her for the performance. Zoey was also a soloist for Meng-Chun Vocal Recital which took place at National Taiwan University Concert Hall. Both of these opera performances have a very special place in Zoey’s heart.

            Being both in New York City and overseas has enriched Zoey’s experiences in performing. It has also exposed others to her great skill and her tremendous love for sharing her passion. Zoey also felt fortunate to take part in many workshops that accentuated the way a performer like herself can draw from technique and style equally during a show. And on that journey, she made many great friends with which she partnered with for films and projects. Following her musical career, Zoey has also appeared in TV and film productions. She has portrayed a wide variety of roles. Her most recent project was called Loneliness Can Be Murder. The film has quite heavy undertones in highlighting emotional charges that affect the human condition. Her character was a lonely girl, and the entire movie revolved around her experience with the world.

             In contrast with Loneliness Can Be Murder, Zoey was a rebel girl in Musee My Fantasy. The role opposed the other so well that is clearly defined her well preparedness for appearing in juxtaposing performances. Zoey reflected on both films, and she stated how great the transition was, as it enabled her to go through the spectrum of emotional vulnerability that presents itself with every role. For Zoey, the gap between performances is a great time for her to look back at the way each character brought variety to her own craft and how she can take away strategies in bringing similar characteristics forward when portraying new characters. She has also always been open to new and different characters in films and shows; this is because she resonates with uniqueness as a trait of her own personality. For Zoey, the combined array of personalities is what makes acting a beautiful experience, as well as the exquisite experience of gliding slowly into a new character on its own.

            Zoey is currently experimenting with the boundaries of film and theater in finding a persona that fits her style of singing and the image of her own world in performing arts. She is pleased to face new experiences and opportunities that give the world the gift of seeing her dive into her passion.

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