5 Elegant Styles of Custom Blankets in Your Home

Personalized or custom blankets are the best gift for someone because of their unique look. It is a practical gift that can be a cozy home accessory and is made in different sizes that are custom to suit your house.

Custom-made blankets also improve your home decor scheme, making your house feel accommodative and exciting. Here are a few suggestions what you could print on a custom blanket to achieve that unique personalized look:

  • Custom color palettes. This is a creative way of making a statement with your blanket. Not everyone is a fan of photos on the blankets; thus, you could work around your favorite colors.
  • Unique themes. Themes have a way of capturing different stories and feels, which give your home a comfortable feel. Specific themes also give your home a cozy appearance.
  • Custom portraits. This is the perfect example of a gift you could make for a loved one or family. It is a practical option that you can consider for your house.
  • Travel collages. This is a thoughtful gift, especially for a friend or family who loves to travel. You could print their favorite location or a collage of traveling snaps which may come in handy.
  • Messages. Printing messages on a blanket can be a creative way to personalize. You could choose a favorite quote or a personal message.

With CANVASDISCOUNT.com, you can get a variety of personalized blankets in different styles. Customized blankets are plenty and well-fitted to help you determine what you need for a comfy feel. The various descriptions will help you choose the perfect fit. You’ll just need a digital picture that you want to print – upload it on CANVASDISCOUNT and their team will do the rest.

Want to try your own hand at blanket making? There are different styles of blankets which you can customize according to your liking. There are flannel blankets, fleece blankets, knit blankets, and quilts. These can all be customized and used to fit a certain feel and design you like. You can make a blanket with several homemade options like:

  • The fleece tie blanket. It only requires you to grab a fleece and cut the edges, then tie them, and you’re done. They are easy to make as they do not need you to sew at any moment.
  • Flannel blankets. Flannels are available in a variety of colors that add to your choices. Flannels that are finished with a fringe come in handy as you can pull the threads from the edges, making them lightweight and can be used as a shawl.
  • Knit blankets. These are a great option, especially for beginners and can be made by hand by learning and understanding their patterns. You may want to start by looping your yarn which allows you to knit with your fingers only. These create an excellent cable knit blanket and can be done with a mix of other yarns.

The fleece photo blanket is made of cotton or polyester, whereas the plush photo blanket is made of pure polyester. Therefore, their difference comes mainly in texture, where a plush photo blanket is a bit softer and thus may feel snuggly compared to other fabrics like fleece. Most photo blankets are fitted with the fleece and plush material.

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