Why Choose Handmade Leather Luxury Bags Over Cheaper Options?

handmade leather, luxury bag

When you’re in the market to buy a handbag, you may be wondering why so many women choose luxury brands instead of buying cheaper options. The truth is that nothing beats a handmade leather bag, and when you pair this with the name and expertise that comes with a luxury brand, you get an investment piece you’ll love for years.

But if you’re still on the fence about why a handmade leather bag is a great choice, read on to find out.

Buy Quality Bags

Genuine leather bags are, without a doubt, of higher quality than store-bought ones. It’s the time and devotion put into planning and making carefully assembled handbags that makes them unmatched. When luxury brands make handbags and accessories out of fine leather, they make sure the leather is long-lasting and looks great. This is the very thing that makes them stand apart from the group. This includes intricate stitching that matches the leather’s appearance.

More Chance For Individuality

The reason people love luxury bags is that you get to make a lot of choices. Certain brands will let you choose what finish the bag has, and which leather is used, and if you want engraving or embroidery done, it’s also an option. This gives you the ability to make the bag uniquely your own. You won’t just be buying a bag off the rack, you’re buying something unique that will make you stand out from the crowd in a big way.

Leather is Not Easily Damaged

If you suddenly find yourself in drizzle or light rain, leather bags protect your belongings inside in some way. We do not mean to imply that getting your bag soaked in water will not cause problems, but it can proudly withstand moisture. Additionally, leather breathes. This means that it prevents dry abrasion, bad odour, fungal attack, dust mites, and other common problems associated with synthetic or fake leather bags.

Save Money In The Long-term

During the buying process, you might be hesitant because you think leather bags are pricey. But if you weigh up the options, and do a little maths, you’ll see that buying a genuine, top-grain leather bag will save you money in the long run over buying a cheap, subpar bag. If you don’t buy a high-quality bag, you’ll have to buy a new one every year or so, which will cost you a lot more in the long run.

Leather is Durable & Flexible

One of the reasons that leather is one of the most commonly used materials for handbags is its reputation for durability and resistance. Your leather handbag can be used daily without being damaged. Its inherent make also serves as a complement to its durability; over time, it becomes flexible, giving it a distinctive shape and allowing it to age beautifully without losing its stylish appearance, form, or functionality.

Leather is an Eco Choice

Unlike other synthetic materials used to make bags, leather is a natural material. This likewise implies that the method involved with creating a handmade leather bag doesn’t contaminate the climate as much as an engineered or fake leather bag does by utilising more synthetic compounds. This means the leather is a better option for the earth over time.

One Last Thing

When you want to invest in a high-quality leather handbag that has been hand designed and made with love, shop at Louis Vuitton. Their range of stylish men’s bags is made to last and look stylish too.


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