Glow with Love on your Wedding with ManhattanNeons

We have found a new trend in wedding decoration: neon lights. You can use these stunning luminous letters or words in all kinds of ways. You may have already seen them on Instagram, super cool neon signs in all kinds of different colors and texts, because they are a complete eye-catcher! How nice is it to use these letters at your wedding?

Manhattan Neons offers a diverse array of wedding neon signs, perfect for adding a unique and vibrant touch to your special day. Whether you’re looking for a romantic phrase, a personalized message, or a decorative design, their collection has something to suit every couple’s style and theme. It will be a real add on during your beautiful day. You can choose a captivating love quote or perhaps just your names or initials. We are big fans of these neon signs, and you will probably be too after seeing these photos.

wedding neon signs

Neon letters as decoration

With decorations, you can set the atmosphere of your wedding. While flowers, pompoms, balloons, and flags are great options, Wedding Neon Signs are particularly fitting. They have a cool and romantic appearance and you can use them in different ways. Add a touch of romance with neon hearts that symbolize your love. Consider having your initials incorporated into the heart for an extra personal touch. Place the neon hearts in strategic places, such as at the ceremony or on the dance floor, to create a loving atmosphere that will remain in your memory for a long time.

Match your color choice with your wedding decoration

Match the color of the neon letters to your wedding decoration for a harmonious whole. Whether it’s matching your color scheme or creating a striking contrast, the right color choice adds an extra dimension to the overall aesthetic of your wedding venue. Think about the atmosphere you want to create and choose the color that best suits it.

How do you use neon letters for your wedding?

Neon lights can be used in different ways at your wedding. How about, for example, as a backdrop for the ceremony or as a sign indicating where the bar is. Your names and initials such as Mr and Mrs are also nice as a neon sign. There are plenty of options to use these luminous letters in your wedding decoration. Choose large letters that form your initials or go for a specific text that expresses your love in a unique way. Neon letters add a contemporary and festive atmosphere to your wedding décor!

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