Embracing the Unbeautiful: SAVARRE’s Anthem for Misfits

Have you ever felt left out because you look different or don’t fit the mold? That sense of not belonging, of being an outlier in a world that often values conformity, is a profound and isolating experience. Yet, it’s these very differences that can ignite a fire within us, pushing us to challenge the status quo and embrace our true selves. SAVARRE’s song “Unbeautiful,” released in January 2020 via XIII Records, captures this raw and powerful sentiment, turning the pain of exclusion into a rallying cry for authenticity and freedom.

SAVARRE is fronted by Shannon Denise Evans, an artist whose creative endeavors span multiple disciplines, including singing, songwriting, composing, playwriting, and novel writing. At her core, Shannon is a storyteller, and her band’s music pulses with the same raw, impassioned energy that characterizes her diverse body of work. As the lead singer, lyricist, and co-composer, Shannon’s vocals are both powerful and emotive, delivering the band’s anthemic lyrics with a force that is both uncontainable and deeply resonant. SAVARRE’s sound is a unique blend of spectra rock, characterized by textural soundscapes that balance the tension between edgy rock and vivid storytelling. Their unvarnished authenticity and musicianship create a visceral experience that burrows into the listener’s bones.

Unbeautiful” delves deep into the struggles and triumphs of those who have been marginalized or overlooked. The lyrics paint a poignant picture of the pain endured by those who don’t conform to societal standards of beauty and coolness. Lines like “Little girls, they hear it right, lie-n-wait on dusty beds. All the whispers that come at night, won’t drown the slivers in their heads…” evoke the haunting reality of bullying and judgment faced by many. Yet, the song is not just a lament; it’s a powerful declaration of independence. The refrain, “You’re unbeautiful, but you’re free,” transforms the perceived flaw of being “unbeautiful” into a badge of honor, celebrating the freedom that comes with rejecting superficial judgments and embracing one’s true self.

Shannon Denise Evans’ own words about never truly fitting in resonate deeply with the message of “Unbeautiful.” She speaks for all the misfits, the outliers who are bullied, judged, and underestimated. Her message is clear: these individuals are our future. They are the ones who make the world interesting and dynamic, challenging stagnancy and reminding us what it means to be truly free. Through “Unbeautiful,” SAVARRE not only acknowledges the pain of exclusion but also celebrates the strength and freedom found in embracing one’s true identity.

Unbeautiful” is a reminder that our differences are our strengths. So, if you’ve ever felt left out or misunderstood, let “Unbeautiful” be your soundtrack. Embrace your uniqueness, celebrate your individuality, and remember: you’re unbeautiful, but you’re free.

Unbeautiful” is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and explore more of SAVARRE‘s on their official website.


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