Reviving a Classic: Gina Marie and the Golden Bucks’ Take on ‘Pastures of Plenty’

Pastures of Plenty” is a song that almost everyone knows. This is however not the case, particularly among young people, who need to grasp its deep meaning afresh. The original composition was by the great Woody Guthrie and it sums up what America’s lower class has went through in terms of difficulties and spirit using emotional story-telling with a catchy tune. Gina Marie and the Golden Bucks from Chicago have brought this ancient anthem back to life with their captivating cover with appeal for both young minds as well as old souls.

Gina Marie and the Golden Bucks’ version of “Pastures of Plenty” dropped on May 6th, and has already caused ripples across all digital platforms. While being imbued with the band’s unique mixture of folk, country, bluegrass, blues, western swing, rockabilly; this version preserves its highest regard for Guthrie’s original tune. With their new rendition of “Pastures of Plenty,” Gina Marie and the Golden Bucks want to keep alive these unsung heroes’ spirits in modern times.

“Green pastures of plenty from dry desert ground

From the Grand Coulee Dam where the waters run down

Every state in the Union us migrants have been

We’ll work in this fight and we’ll fight till we win…”

This track urges one to momentarily stop and consider how our lives are conditioned through historical and social contexts. In today’s socio-economic environment; Guthrie’s lyrics about sufferings faced by migrant laborers ring true every passing day. The powerful voices of Gina Marie together with her band’s beautiful music remind us that while human spirit is invincible at other times one should show respect for it too because it can be fragile. Therefore, it is important that younger generations comprehend what these workers went through due to their stories being deeply interwoven into American society fabric.

Gina Marie and the Golden Bucks know both the stage and the studio all too well, thanks to their wealth of experience and talent derived from Chicago’s vibrant music scene. Gina Marie DeGregorio is at the helm, having made an incredible transition from a pop-rock performer to an important figure in early jazz that exemplified her ability to adapt and love for it. Although it may have seemed like a limitation or even a major challenge at first, vocal injury became pivotal in her career path as she was able to venture into vintage music where she discovered new forms of expression. The sound they have created is one that blends nostalgia with fresh innovation; this has been achieved by Gina Marie with assistance from Brendan Frank on electric guitar, Edgar Gabriel on fiddle, Eli Broxham on bass, and John Rice on acoustic guitar, mandolin, and dobro.

The band’s debut album is also called “Pastures of Plenty,” and it will be available for soft release on June 28th. For the last few years they have been steadfastly striving to make this album happen having gone through numerous production halts. With ten songs transcending different American genres and regions, the album acts as a melodic journey across America’s musical traditions.

Find out more about the new version of “Pastures of Plenty” by Gina Marie and The Golden Bucks on Spotify. Through this strong timeless song we commemorate Woody Guthrie’s legacy and unbreakable spirit of an American worker.

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