How to Make Your Guests Put Away Their Phones at A Party


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We all know the situation at parties where all of the party guests are on their phones at the same time. As the host of the party, you are probably super frustrated at this. All you want for the party is that everyone has a good time! However, everyone being on their phones and not speaking to each other is making your party a real bummer. That’s why, the next time you throw a party, you should definitely think of new ways to get guests off of their phones and speaking with each other. Because what kind of party is this going to be if no one speaks to each other? Keep reading down below to learn more about ways you can do this.

Tell Your Guests That the Party Is Going to Be “Unplugged”

The first way that you’re going to keep this from happening is stopping it in the first place. Make sure to let your guests know that this is a party that’s “unplugged”. This means that you can bring your phone along to the party, but everyone is expected to not be on their phones during the duration of the party. This is automatically going to ensure that everyone knows what’s up at this party. If they don’t agree to the rule, then they can just not come!

Don’t Tell Your Guests to Leave Their Phones at Home

However, even if you have this unplugged rule, you should never tell guests that they should leave their phones at home if they want to come. This is the 21st century and pretty much everyone is not going to come to your party if they have to leave their phones at home. What happens if there is an emergency or they need to get in touch with someone? Plus, if they have invested in a fancy phone case, they have a right to flaunt it for a bit in the party.

Think of Ways That Can Make This More Fun for Guests

You should think of ways to communicate this message to your guests in a fun way. Think of different fun slogans you can use on your party invites to express to your friends that this is a good thing.

Don’t Invite the Friends Back for Other Parties If They Break The “Unplugged” Rule

If you do have people at your party who break the unplugged rule, let them know politely that this is not OK and they will not be invited to future parties if they break the rule again. If one person starts breaking the rule, then before you know it, everyone at the party is going to be on their phones and the vibe will be completely ruined.

Allow for Some Periods During the Party Where They Can Check Their Phones

Even though this is an unplugged party, you should give the guests some time to check their phones. This can be 10 minutes every hour or so when guests have time to check their phones. Make sure that this is expressed on the invitation and your guests know when it’s an appropriate time to check their devices.

Ask Everyone Why They Need Their Phones So Badly

Of course, one of the main things that you need to do if you want the guests to not be on their phones is to help them understand why they think they need their phones so badly. Having conversations about the usage of phones at parties is going to help your guests understand why using their phones ruins the party.

There you have it! When you want your guests to get off of their phones and enjoy the party, these are the points you need to remember.


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