Guide to a well-groomed Beard Neckline


Sporting diverse beard styles have been a remarkable trend of the current decade. Men who are determined to look manly have started growing facial hair and have been scrutinizing every minute detail of their treasured bristles.

EMBELLISHING YOUR BEARD: The extensive use of beard oils and lotions have certainly brought a negative impact on the market of shaving gels. People tend to grow and keep their beard rather than chopping them off. Trimming the neckline beard is not at all a tenacious job but it needs precision and concentration both in order to bring your neckline to a perfect shape.


1) Try keeping your Adam’s Apple clean of facial hair. Anticipate a trajectory formed between the two ends of both of your ears interconnected by the other stop which would be just above your Adam’s Apple.

2) Use a three-way mirror so that you can get a frontal as well a side view of your face. Keeping your body vertical during the process is critical.

3) Any facial hair which is present outside the foreseen curve must be cleansed.

4) Two perpendicular lines commencing from the topmost point of each ear which runs adjacent to the exterior edge of your sideburns intersect the aforesaid path and provides an impeccable pattern to the cornered fringes of your neckline.


5) One of the most commonly used procedure to reap a flawless neckline is the Double Chin Method. Keep inclining your head down till the lower part of your chin and the upper portion of your neck meet. The natural fold which gets created is similar to the imaginary curve discussed in point.

# Getting rid of all the hair beneath that neckline would provide a sterling look to your beard.

6) Some even put their faith in the two fingers method which is the easiest possible way of trimming your facial hair. It is the most accepted procedure which requires your index and middle finger to be placed beside one another in order to create another fictitious contour from where you would start shaping your hairline.

Fashion is mainly about being confident. It does not depend on the brands you drape yourself in but relies upon the way you present yourself in front of a judgmental crowd. Flaunting a mustache or a beard depends upon how you carry it. Be rest assured that you find yourself charming after sporting a beard. Your self-confidence is all that matters. One can even come up with brand new ideas for beard-fashion and not stick to the ones mentioned all over the internet and books of fashion. Who knows, maybe the next day everyone will start following the trend you originated!

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