How to wear a small tragus stud


Piercings come in all shapes and sizes, a cute piercing in your nose or ring on your lip makes you stand out. No matter if you want to express your femininity or you just want something different a piercing can emphasize your natural beauty.

strudOne of my favorite piercings is the tragus piercing in gold or silver. The ear consists of several small parts , each with its own name. The tragus is a small piece that sits right in front of your ear canal the cartilage.

You can use a small barbell, ring or stud. I prefer a small tragus stud it’s subtle, sophisticated jet visible. Usually you can wear it in professional environments too. The important thing is to keep the piercing clean with a saline water solution. Also when you choose for a tragus piercing make sure to be aware with everything that contacts your ear. Like your mobile phone, when you style your hair or a pillow. Change your pillowcase regularly. And don’t play with your piercing to prevent dirt and infection.

It is wise to sit up straight when you change your tragus piercing. If you don’t wear your piercing for a while you can damp your skin with a bit of hot water to make your skin smooth. Instead of a real tragus piercing you can use a fake tragus piercing too that you can clamp to your ear.

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