Why you need sunglasses that block UV rays

The sun is high in the sky and we enjoy it to the fullest. A drink on the terrace, stretch out on the beach or in the garden: we prefer to be outside as much as possible. We know that applying sunscreen is essential. But little did we know wearing sunglasses is just as important.

Not only your skin, but also your eyes should be protected from the sun. UV radiation can cause permanent damage. The risk of cataracts and eye disease increases when your eyes are exposed to UV radiation too much. “Just like with skin cancer, the consequences occur after a longer period of time. Good sunglasses are therefore essential. Sunglasses are just as important as sunscreen. So make sure you always have sunglasses with you in the spring and summer, so you can put them on when needed.

A little bit of sunshine can be harmful, sunglasses should be worn even in the spring. Many people wear sunglasses in the summer, but the sun can also be insidiously strong in the spring. Whether you sit on a bike or go outside for a short lunch break, the damage builds up faster than you think.

The most common eye diseases are caused by UV radiation in 20 percent of the cases, these are figures from the World Health Organization (WHO). It is important that your sunglasses has an UV filter; sunglasses from Sojos Vision are equipped with this.


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