Jump onto a Jumpsuit to be the next fashion diva


It was the time of Yesterday afternoon when I stepped out of my closest farmer’s market and I saw a schoolgirl with her mother wearing the same attires and it made me smiled to look at those two. Both were wearing the same attire, yet differently, one was looking super cute in  Floral print Romper with a beach hat and sneakers and the other was looking as ravishing as she could be in her solid white Jumpsuit with Michael Kors bag and wedges. And thus, it made me understand the popularity of the latest trend in the fashion industry in the name of Jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits are a one-piece garment which comes in variations in size, style, and patterns. They may come in the form of pants, short sleeves, tank tops or shorts. This one-piece women’s wear was first introduced in 1919 by Florentine Thayat. This fashion garment was one of the most fashionable apparel of the late 60s and early 70s. This 70s comeback has been a drastic change, where all the designers deserve huge kudos for how they have played up, nipped, tucked and reinvented this fashion statement. I can call it as a Classic-with-a-twist-Jumpsuit.  This brilliant reminiscing of the 70s is luring when it comes in long, sleek silhouettes, silky fabrics, fluidity, softness, loose cuts, plunging necklines, bare backs,  halter necks, prints and solid colors. Some love the futuristic, modern look whereas some adore the elegant, classic style, just take your pick amongst the various options available and buy jumpsuits online.


Its Increasing Popularity

Jumpsuits are said to have their origin from parachute riders and skydivers, but who knew then that this would become a fashion statement for many females. It started gaining its popularity in 2006 when they were reintroduced on the catwalk. And since then, it is getting renowned day by day with most celebrities adorning their wardrobes with its stylish and innovative pieces and inspiring their followers to buy jumpsuits online or from stores. Now, they can be on every other woman in the society, you may find her walking on the streets for purchasing grocery, maybe the other lady just behind you, having fun with her best friends at a coffee shop, or someone getting late to the office for her important presentation, or it could be just YOU. You can easily search for some cute and soft jumpsuits online for your kids too. They love to play in summers wearing this comfortable piece of garment.


Why is it so Beloved

Jumpsuits are loved for many reasons, Once you choose to wear it, it is guaranteed to become one of your staple outfits in your wardrobe. And sometimes you need no reason to love an outfit, it is just that you look too great at it or your partner loves watching you in the same. And believe me, Jumpsuit is one of those apparels which needs not to have any reason to be adored. The timeless style that it offers, gives more freedom of expression to the wearer, so buy a jumpsuit online to adapt to the fast changing fashion world. But let us just highlight some reasons of its popularity.

  • Simple and comfortable onesies
  • Suits almost every silhouette
  • Versatility of wearing the same at different events
  • Cost-effective
  • Available in various shades, styles and prints
  • Pairing with any shoe type is possible
  • Stylish, flattering and comfortable all at one time
  • Easy availability of jumpsuits online

So, we can see there are quite sufficient reasons to start loving a Jumpsuit for woman. If you haven’t tried yet as it is definitely going to be a nice purchase for the season. Well, now if you have one or planning to buy one, go through online portals like Stalkbuylove which have a stock of gorgeous looking jumpsuits for women. Let me also tell you about some of the places or events where you can wear it with some styling tips.



Where and How to Wear

A jumpsuit can be worn anywhere and at any time of the day. They are innumerable in terms of their styles that a lady can start her day with it as well hit the bed in it too. Seriously, I have covered both the hours of the day..LOL.. But, on a serious note, let me show you some of the jumpsuits for women, that will work just great for you as per your requirements.

For a casual day out with friends and family at a beach, a coastal city, a bright sunny day. A pair of Flat sandals, with a messy bun and a tote bag,  will make your attire complete for the  situation.

A perfect office wear, with subtle shades and grace. This elegant piece can be worn with a blush colored jacket over it, light makeup, straightened hair and pencil heels for your working day. You can search for subtle looking Jumpsuits online India and pick a one that will change your perfection for ever.

The denim jumpsuits are quite loved by many women for their comfort and definition they give  to a body. Designers have turned the boring denim jumpsuits by modifying them using cuts and styles that can be seen by searching for jumpsuits online India.  Denim jumpsuits are quite appropriate for a casual day out with friends for a movie or over a lunch at a restaurant in your flip-flop gladiators, sunglasses, and a hat for the perfect look.

Are you planning to attend a Christian wedding in the afternoon, then you could try a classy and elegant Jumpsuit in White and Gold to give you the sophisticated look. Wear this piece with a pair of golden heels with the clutch, a traditional beautiful pair of earrings and cuffs.

This spaghetti-styled jumpsuit is perfect for your bedtime, light in weight, flared at the bottom to give you a relaxing sleep.

Planning to fly somewhere for work or for a vacation, this can really be your choice for the journey. It is comfortable, stylish with cut sleeves and thick fabric which will not spoil the crease till you reach the destination. The whole practicality of the garment has been redefined by wearing completely different or contrasting outfits that are basically one single jumpsuit, this new accent has revolutionized the scenario of jumpsuits online in India too.

Plan an evening Valentine date with your spouse in this Date Jumpsuit in red and black. Style it with wedges or stilettos,  a handbag and a sexy bun on the head to make you look special for the night.

I also want to make some special comments on wearing a Jumpsuit, especially for work as it is something which is in trend now and most ladies would love to wear something comfortable and stylish to work.

  1. A jacket or blazer is always necessary to break the ensemble and make it look more polished.
  2. Rather a messy bun or loose waves, put your hair up in a sock bun and wear black pumps.
  3. Add prettiness to your attire by adding a statement necklace to cover the low necklines and making it more formal.
  4. Keep it limited to solid colors rather than bold prints or patterns so s to draw less attention to your attire.
  5. Keep the short play suits for the weekends and not for work.
  6. Adding a wide statement belt to a solid color jumpsuit would definitely add glamour and breaks the ensemble too.


DOs and DON’Ts while wearing a Jumpsuit

Depending upon the body type and the style of a jumpsuit there are some rules to be followed so that it does not spoil your look.


According to the Body type:-

  • A heavy bottom lady should choose mid-waist jumpsuit with loose and flowing top portion.
  • A voluptuous curvy person should stay away from loose garments and stick to mid waist plain fabrics.
  • Hourglass body ladies are fortunate enough to wear anything and would flatter.
  • Petite should look for short, mid waist and wear high heels.
  • Tall women should adopt to long-legged jumpsuits with flat shoes.
  • Women with heavy torso can look for low-waist jumpsuits with loose-fitted lower portions to add volume to the bottoms.


According to the style:-

  • Capris or short-sleeved jumpsuits should be carried with high heels to complement the fabric.
  • Halter styles should not clash with neck pieces.
  • High-neck styles can be embellished with long necklaces to give a subtle look to the torso.
  • Pants and long sleeved jumpsuits must have high heels to make it dressier and compliment the legs.
  • Strapless go perfectly with large necklaces.
  • V-neck can be accompanied with jackets if sleeveless and are also good to go with necklaces and scarves.
  • Short jumpsuits are the most casual wear and could be carried well with flip flops.


Apart from all these Do’s and Don’ts, styling tips and tricks must be taken care of while making your Jumpsuits look graceful on you and not a disaster. Remember that jumpsuit for women, look more classy with different hairstyles, handbags or heels.

Accessorize well and turn this traditional jumpsuit and into a runway worthy piece of clothing. Experiment with footwear ranging from stilettos, wedges, high heels to gladiators, flip flops, flat sandals  to give you the most desirable look and make people turn heads your way.


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