Hedge Fund Manager Shares Insider Secrets: The Productivity-Hack Blueprint

Tony Petkovich

Tony Petkovich

Tony Petkovich understands time management: He has successfully managed as many as four different business and workforces—simultaneously.

Petkovich had to be an expert in time management, as he has famously said: I can do more in four hours than you can in eight. Such an awe-inspiring level of productivity takes meticulous planning–a Productivity Blueprint–to “hack” your day and business practices for maximum productivity.

To begin build your own productivity hacking blueprint, Petkovich recommends first setting “micro-goals”—and then being disciplined to follow through with consistent execution. Micro-planning requires not just listing tasks, but setting specific amounts of time for completing said tasks, and constantly making necessary adjustments as the day progresses. A phone call that should take only five minutes, should take only five minutes and not a minute more. This forces you to be disciplined in what you say, know what you want to accomplish during the call, and why you are calling in the first place!

Second, you must create accountability in your schedule. How? Prioritize, divide, and conquer! Petkovich breaks down his day into categories, such as: Conference/phone calls, To-Do, and Meetings/Go-to Appointments. You can then break those categories down into sub-categories, based on your business needs. “These tactics have enabled me to not only achieve great success, but maintain peace of mind in a very fast paced lifestyle,” Petkovich says.

For example, when you get to the “Meetings/Go-to Appointments Section” plan the most efficient travel route to your meetings and appointment possible. Use your preferred hands-free device to take care of a couple of calls as you go, to really maximize your travel time. Beware the overuse of scheduling apps, and technology in general, however: “We must use enough technology to leverage us, as there is a fine line. Most people are weighed down with technology,” says Petkovich

Thirdly, invest in a timer. We must use a timer as a weapon in business just as any professional athlete uses it as a measure of where he is on that particular day. For example: Set five minutes aside for a phone call (that was planned the night before, to be held at a specific time, with specific goals of interaction in mind!). Start your timer. Stick to your goal. Tick, tock!

Forth, keep your body as fit as possible. Sleep, eat, and supplement your body according to your personal health needs. This way you can maintain your focus, drive, and energy like an arrow racing to its target; not like a tumbling leaf, blown by the wind, says Petkovich. To maintain that focus, I love Crossfit. It is efficient and produces results—perfect for busy executives.

Stay away from overly processed food, too many late nights out, and alcohol–this will have you sick, fatigued, and unproductive. I use nutrition as my secret weapon to maintain an edge while running a multi-million dollar business. Having the right balance of nutrients my body needs gives me the ability to maintain concentration longer, which allows me to spot The Next Big Idea.

Lastly, take your daily goal setting seriously: Realize your micro and short-term goals are just as important as your “Big Dreams.”

All the best, in business and life!



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