Interview: Candice Galek founder of Bikini Luxe

I had the privilege of interviewing Candice Galek founder of Bikini Luxe. They have a beautiful collection of luxury string bikini sets, one piece swimwear, clothing and accessories. Read the interview to find out more!

bikinilux3What inspired you to start your brand?
A passion for swimwear and the beach lifestyle, combined with my love of working hard. I felt there were not enough budget friendly online shop options for hot babes and mermaids, so Bikini Luxe was born. You don’t have to spend a thousand bucks to be Luxe!

What is the brand’s philosophy?
I find myself including sayings such as these into my work: “The better you dress, the worse you can behave” and “The next the best thing being naked.” Looking good and feeling good come naturally when you choose the right brands and fabrics.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
The beginning was difficult, nobody wanted to work with an fledgling brand. Nowadays companies and brands larger than the ones we originally reached out to are contacting us to collaborate. I find that to be something to be proud of, especially in such a short period of time. We went from having tens of visitors per day to hundreds and lately thousands of visitors

It has been a very exciting ride so far, I really have to thank my team. We have a wonderful in house PR and SEO team that have made things really explode. We feel that keeping the focus on customer service is something that a lot of other online retailers fail to do, so having been a unsatisfied customer at times myself, we are aiming to make up for what we saw as lacking in the online shopping industry.

Where can our readers find you online?
Besides our shop, we are very active on social websites (twitter/facebook/google+) and apps such as Polyvore, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as a slew of other shopping websites. Some of our favorites being keep and wanelo. And of course Etsy, there are some truely lovely people on Etsy.


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