Best baptism gifts from Godmother

baptism gifts

In most cases, you might need to get give a gift to someone special to you but you don’t have an idea of what you buy for them. It becomes even harder when the special one you want to gift turns out to be a newborn baby. It is usual for Godparents to lack ideas and not know what baptism gift to give their Godchildren. For this reason, you need to look at what type of gift you intend to provide the child, based on how useful and pleasant it is, and she or he will still treasure it for numerous years after the baptismal ceremony.

Looking for the best gift for the baby is confusing and can cause a lot of dilemmas. In this post, we share some of the greatest baptism gifts from a Godmother.

Jewelry gift for a baptism

A piece of beautiful jewelry is one of the best gifts that a kid can wear for many years after baptism. It is for a girl child, and you can get them silver earrings since their ears are already pierced. High-quality earrings have a long lifespan, and the kid will use them as she grows up. Bangles are also the best present for baptism since it is suitable for both genders and just like the earrings, they will last long such that the kid will wear them when they are grownups.

You can as well go for a charm bracelet. This gift will have continuity for many years. For example, you can gift it to a child during baptism with the first charm, and then continue adding the charms with other religious festivities like the holy communion. Additionally, you can give charm to the kid when he or she makes a milestone in her or his life such as emerging a winner in a sports competition or attaining good grades or joining college. This is a perfect gift that will help you establish a huge bond between you and Godchildren.

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Future-oriented baptism gifts

A saving bond or piggy bank is another perfect gift from a Godmother. If you choose you to get a piggy bank, put some cash inside to encourage them to keep putting money as they grow up. Gifting a savings bond is the best way of trying to ensure the economic independence of the child. This is the best gift for the kid since one of the roles of a godmother is taking care of the child and assist the parents with her or his education. You can continue depositing into the account during special occasions like birthdays and other religious events like confirmation and first communion.

Piggy Bank Savings Coins Cash Penny Bank M


Traditional baptism gifts

Since baptism is a religious activity, you can opt for things that are related to religion. Some of the perfect traditional baptism gifts that are religious related you can give as a godmother include the Bible, crosses, and rosaries. If you intend to gift your Godchild a bible, you must go for the one meant for kids. Numerous bibles talk about Christianism stories though tales and short stories that are meant for babies and kids. This will help you introduce them to Christianism in an exciting and entertaining way.

While a rosary is a good present for baptism, it might not be good for a family that is not so religious. The majority of families will opt to conduct a baptism for their kid but they are not traditionally religious and they might not use the rosary. Therefore, it is good to find out whether the family would love to have a rosary in their home beforehand. If the family is too religious and they always pray, a rosary is a perfect gift since it will be the first rosary for the kid. The child will always remember that gift in his or her entire life.

Garments as baptism gifts

Another perfect gift for your Godchild is any type of clothing. You can get pajamas, blankets, and dresses. You can also make it customized by embroidering the garments with the name off the kid. Consult from parents to find out if you can purchase the dress your Godchild will wear at the ceremony.

Handcrafted presents for baptism

If you want to gift your child some clothes and you are a crafty kind of Godmother, handcrafted gifts will be your best choice. The baby might not express many emotions once given the handmade piece, he or she will appreciate the gifts later in life. Crafting something with your bare hands is a perfect way of expressing affection and allowing people know you care for them and you are ready to spend more time on them. Some of the handcrafted presents include bonnets, cross-stitched messages, framed, dresses, crouched lace gowns, or a blanket.

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Unique baptism gifts

As a Godmother, you will always strive to show how they love their Godchildren and for this reason, getting something sentimental will help you achieve your goal. In this case, the best gift could be a lovely picture frame with a photo of you and the kid. You can as well write a note on the back of the picture frame telling them how much you love them and your future plans for them. This gift will stay for many years and your godchild will always remember how much you loved him or her.

Decorative gifts

This is the best present if the parents are still decorating the kid’s room. You can opt for a painting or a poster that has the kid’s name or a motivational quote. You can also get the bed sheets with the name of the kid embroidered.

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Books for a baptism

A collection of fun books can be a perfect gift for your godchildren. The books you choose should be visual and have plenty of photos and fewer writings. Babies cannot read the wording, but they will appreciate beautiful colors and drawings. For example, a complete collection of Winnie the Pooh can be the best present for a baptism.

The Bible is an important guidebook for every Christian. Start them young by giving them illustrated and simplified storybooks taken from the Bible. Their parents can read the books to them so they can listen to stories about God, Jesus, and people from the Bible at a young age. Once they know how to read, they can read the storybooks themselves and have fun learning about their faith.

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