A Guide to Choosing the Right Accessories


When you read glossy magazines, you will find many fashion trends and ideas for wearing your accessories. However, if you want to diversify your wardrobe, you should follow these tips when choosing your accessories:

Do not Wear More than Three Large Accessories

It is quite possible to wear more than one big accessory with a single outfit. However, you should make sure not to overwhelm your outfit by wearing more than three large accessories. Of course, all of them have to match your outfit in terms of material, style, and color.

Do Not Hide Large Collars beneath Scarves

If your coat has a big collar, you do not need to add a scarf on top of it – large collars do not go well with large scarves. Instead, opt for a light kerchief around your neck to ensure it fits under the coat collar. Doing so will make you look more stylish and well put together.

Use Only Small Jewelry Sets

Wearing earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the same set might look tasteless if the items are too large. If the accessories in the set are all small, you can wear them together for a classy and neat look. When wearing jewelry from the same set, you need to make sure that the color matches your outfit.

Your Handbag Does Not Have to Match Your Shoes

When choosing a handbag to step out in, you do not have to choose a similar color to your shoes. If your shoes are bright in color, you can opt for a handbag with a contrasting light hue. This will make your whole outfit look unique instead of boring and cliché.

Choose Between Bright Accessories and Bright Clothes

When coming up with an outfit for the day, decide what effect you want to achieve then apply the right emphasis to your outfit. Your makeup, accessories, or clothes can stand out but you should not make them all eye catching. For instance, pairing large diamond earrings with a puffy collar will make your outfit look too busy, making it a big no no.

Don’t Wear Watches with Evening Dresses

Wearing a wristwatch is ideal if your look is sporty, business, or urban. However, if you combine a watch with your evening gown, your outfit will just look tacky. Make sure you keep your timepiece for the right occasions.

Large Rings Don’t Suit Everyone

If you have short fingers, you should opt for thin or medium rings. Thick rings make short fingers look even shorter. If you opt for a thin ring, the visual length of your fingers will increase, making them appear long.

Pair Cultural Accessories with Neutral Clothing

If you usually wear accessories that have beads and threads, make sure to pair them with clothes of a neutral color. Culturally specific accessories do not go well with bold colors because they end up making your outfit look too busy.

Match Gloves with Something Else on Your Outfit

If you want to choose the right glove color, take a look at the rest of your outfit: belt, lipstick, or shoes. As a rule, you need to make sure that your gloves match at least one other item in your outfit. Otherwise, they will end up looking out of place.

Don’t Wear Black Shoes with a Pastel Outfit

Pastel tones usually go well with light colored shoes. Even if you are wearing accessories for your dance gear, you should avoid black. Read more about pairing accessories with outfits to avoid such mistakes.

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