Zodiac Fashion Styles


Have you ever thought why one person wears a certain combination of colors or prints and looks fabulous and other person with the same body shape looks rather ridiculous in such outfit?

Why some people adore leopard and python print and other just don’t feel like wearing it?

It may sound strange, but the stars know the answer.

Each sign has natural prints and styles of clothing that suit the character and temperament of the sign and of the person. Zodiac really influences all spheres of our life.

If you have ever felt disappointed because you didn’t find the clothing that fits you right and emphasizes your best characteristics, you should check out this Zodiac styling tips.

Don’t count only on the Zodiac signs, you have a freedom of will and ability to change, as you are way more than just a Sun sign, you are influenced by the Moon, Mars, Mercury and others.

So read on the short characteristics of each sign and full review:

Aztec for Aries

As Aries is a very passionate and temperamental sign, which is a leader in everything and tries to guide and control people the Aztec print is the thing in this case. Mars guides this sign and Aries inherited the activeness and bold purposefulness of this planet, and Aztec print suits the nature of this sign perfectly.

Floral Print for Taurus

Taurus looks very natural in floral prints. Flowers of different shapes, colors and density – all of them look brilliantly on Taurus. This print makes the person fresher and nowadays it is quite a trendy and feminine choice. Take into consideration this print if you are going on a date.

Tartan for Cancer

The best prints for Cancer are Highland fling and Tartan. Crab used to be a symbol of families and generations. It is well known that many families chose different variations of tartan print as a symbol of their family. It is associated with coziness and home, but it still makes a person look classy elegant and stylish. Also Tartan is a protective pattern that describes the nature of a Cancer sign.

Regal for Leo

Leo is a symbol of grace and pride. The representatives of this sign should wear exquisite and sophisticated prints and clothing with touches of Baroque style. Gold and other accessories are welcomed. Leo should look fabulous and attractive all the time no matter when and where.

Paisley for Virgo

Virgo can wear any pattern, but the one that suits the nature of this sign is Paisley. Small details and pretty decorating motives, warm and pleasant colors are the best option in this case. Virgo is a lucky one, as so many patterns suit this sign that other can be simply jealous about it.

Symmetry for Libra

Libra needs balance in everything. It is not a sign of radical colors or extraordinary patterns. In this case the best print is… the absence of prints. Yes, clear lines and color blocks will pass well to the characteristics of Libra. What’s more, clear colors and lines make any person look sophisticated and stylish without any efforts made.

Animal Print for Scorpio

Scorpions can reveal their wild nature and passion through animalistic print. Zebra, leopard and snakeskin look especially great on such people. Also try to wear metallic colors or interesting textures, as they go well on you.

Checkerboard for Sagittarius

Sagittarius will be magnificent in checkerboard. Also try interesting combinations of color and textures, as you need to stand out from the grey crowd.

Lace for Capricorn

Capricorns are very beautiful when are dressed in lace. Also any traditional and retro fabric will look amazing, making an emphasis on the discreet soul state of a person. Pay attention to sage hues and emerald and olive colors.

Abstract for Aquarius

Aquarius needs some abstract prints in order to reflect style and taste. Don’t be afraid to follow the fashion, as modern fabrics and fashion concepts seem to be made just for you!

Free Flowing for Pisces

Pisces need to wear clothing of one color without saturated patterns. Also the best option is to wear clothing that doesn’t prevent the movement, which is loose and spacious. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t stick on one style, be open to new fashion tendencies.


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