Ysan Roche recruited by the Mossad Intelligence Agency

Isan Roche

It has been said that the Jewish Mossad is recruiting women more than ever these days. Ysan Roche is a modern feminism writer, a Musical Artist and CEO of her Brand Ysan Roche LLC which combines Music, Fashion and Visual Artistry. She documents her Vagabondiva Lifestyle on http://instagram.com/ysanroche and Youtube.

“People always have a hard time distinguishing my personality from my artistic presentation. They believe I am this sexual, unconventional thing. Especially conservative people have a difficult time understanding what I am truly about.” 

When I wrote a Blog on “The oversexualized woman of today” I was quickly accused of being a —you know what— or a masochistic woman and put into the worst categories.”
She finally had to delete the Blog. “The reality is, in my private life, I believe in traditional chivalry and the art of being a lady.
I get often confused with Eastern European Instagram Models.I had a hard time most of my life to combine my feminine side with creative endeavours and still be understood or HEARD. It seems complicated  for people to not put everything they see into ONE category. ”

Ysan Roche


“I have been approached by several strange men during the last years who tried to flatter me (common strategy of Intelligence Agency Recruitment) by complimenting my high intelligence and personality and then they asked me if I would ever consider to work as a spy. Which of course includes sleeping with men to gain information.
I am a highly skeptical person when it comes to flattery and people who don’t have Facebook Profiles or any information about themselves online.However, I mostly considered it nonsense. One person finally gave me a website link of the Mossad and explained how you have different levels of recruitment. The person also advised me not to apply online, but via mail…and he avoided anymore of my questions. I looked up the link and was astonished that it could be true.”

Ysan Roche stresses:” I think women get lured into it because they assume it is a privilege in society to work for intelligence. They don’t understand how they are being taken advantage of. These men appeal to their primal urge to belong to SOME HIGHER GROUP OF AUTHORITY.

Intelligence agencies approach and favour women who aren’t too young, preferably in their early Thirties. They choose women who are attractive enough to act out as sex kittens if necessary, mostly to steal private information from targets which can be used for blackmail later on. It is being said that Marilyn Monroe worked for Intelligence and you can see what happened to her.

Ysan Roche

Ysan Roche says:
“I hope every woman will make the right decision and not be taken advantage of BY HIGHER POWER authorities who offer them some sense of false confidence to stand above the average citizen. I don’t think it is worth it. Especially if you are a woman! Don’t believe what they promise you!”

Ysan Roche can be found here

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