Your Dream Skin in 2 Weeks with Omono’s Extensive Skin Care Drink

Unblemished skin, fully moisturized face, wrinkle-free look, youthful-looking appearance… The list can go on and on, and who doesn’t them? But let’s ask ourselves: are we willing to put in the large amount of time and effort to achieve them? And even if we do, are we willing to spend a lump sum of money to maintain our appearance with lavish facial treatments and costly skin supplements? And lastly, and most important of all, do they actually work?

For people with the above concerns, your worries have finally come to an end. We have remarkably discovered an ‘all-in-one’ beauty solution from Japan, which promises to solve all your facial and skin concerns in as little as 2 weeks of regular consumption: Omono’s Extensive Skin Care Powder Drink.

Their product is in fact ‘revolutionary’ (just as they described themselves). We have never seen a consumable supplement on the market with such a perfect mixture and concentration of active ingredients- from Collagen to Astaxanthin extract, and from L-Cysteine to Hyaluronic Acid, Omono’s supplement contains just the right ingredients to deliver the right and promised effects on your immaculate skin. In fact, the brand promises its users an improvement in skin elasticity, hydration, increased whitening, and minimization of age spots and fine lines in as little as 2 weeks of regular consumption. With their exceptional product and ingredients, no wonder they are dedicated to such a promise.

We can’t wait to try this supplement by ourselves, and we have absolute confidence in their product and brand. We just can’t wait!

For more information, please do visit their website: for more information on this revolutionary skin care supplement.


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  • Reply January 26, 2015

    Craig Bars

    This looks epic. I am probably buying this for my wife!

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