You Have to Try These Vegan Ice Creams

vegan ice cream

If you are trying to get healthy but not give up too many of the sweetest things in life, then you have to try these vegan ice creams. They are an ideal substitute for the traditional milk-based ice cream since they almost provide all the same flavors, curb your sweet tooth, and are way healthier than your usual pint of ice cream.

In this guide, we will be going over 5 plant-based ice cream brands that could be perfect for your next sweet tooth craving. These brands provide healthy alternatives without taking too much fun away from the flavor.

Snow Monkey

Snow monkey provides multiple healthy options for ice cream substitutes, they sell light ice cream, fruit-based ice cream, the traditional ice cream, and for vegans and those who would like to give vegan iced cream a try, they serve plant-based ice cream as well. Snow Monkey specializes in creating delicious frozen treats that are perfect for the hottest of days but allow you to still maintain your healthy lifestyle without worries of overeating or going overboard on your calorie counter.

Snow monkey designs these plant-based ice cream flavors to serve as a healthy substitute for ice cream and to serve as an intelligent fuel for the body. It completely eliminates the use of dairy so it gives all-vegan consumers the option to keep eating ice cream despite the diet that they maintain.


Naturli is a complete oat and coconut-based ice cream that is made in Denmark. They provide six different flavors that are sure to satisfy your ice cream cravings. They have flavors like salty caramel with roasted almonds, Cocoa Orange, Raspberry Chocolate, Hazelnut, Strawberry swirl, and even Liquorice sweet. Since this is non-dairy-based ice cream it is a lot more sustainable compared to the traditional options.

Arctic Zero

Arctic Zero is finally making vegan ice cream that is also low in calories. The base of the ice cream is made from ingredients that are non-GMO, completely processed sugar-free, and very healthy. A single pint can range from 150 calories to 320 calories, leaving the consumer worry-free in case they are really tracking all the calories they eat


Nadamoo is a brand coming out of Austin, Texas. Established in 2005, this company has been changing the game when it comes to plant-based ice cream. They provide 16 flavors that can match any ice cream based on flavor, texture, and overall experience while eating it.

Each flavor of ice cream, completely vegan, uses coconut milk as its base keeping a light and creamy texture for every scoop. It only contains healthy fat, no cholesterol, and most importantly is completely vegan. The ingredients used are environmentally sustainable and are fair trade ingredients.


Long-time ice cream makers, Hudsonville, have finally decided to come out with delicious vegan ice cream that everyone is going crazy for. They have released seven flavors that deliver the same texture, taste, and sweetness as their traditional ice cream flavors. They serve flavors like Cherry fudge, Chocolate, Peanut butter truffles, and many more. Each flavor carefully crafted to match the overall taste of the traditional ice creams out there.

Always remember that you don’t have to break your diet or eating routines to satisfy your sweet tooth, there are healthier alternatives that were designed to fit your diet of choice perfectly. These five ice creams can definitely show you that just because your vegan or you would like to try to be vegan, does not mean that you have to give up all the sweetest things in life.

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