Xnspy Mobile Spyware App Review

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Mobile phones are our gateway to communication in this new tech-oriented world. We cannot imagine living without a smartphone now. The communication apps that we use are our lifelines. If we could know what’s on a person’s phone, we can know almost everything about them.

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The advantage of using xnspy.com is that you creatively get to know a lot about the people around you—be it employees in an organization or your kids at home. You know what their interests are and what drives positivity in them, thus making you aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Here is our review on what Xnspy is all about.

Which platform does it support?

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Xnspy is a cross-platform mobile spyware app. It is equally compatible with Android and iOS platforms. There are two fundamental compatibility issues which irk Android and iOS users: Android users complain about rooting their phone before installing any such app and iOS users about jailbreaking. What if a phone cannot be rooted? You would simply be unable to use the app. Xnspy addresses this issue and you would not need to root an Android phone or jailbreak an iPhone device.

The app is regularly upgraded to make it on par with the new operating systems. This means you can use the app not only on the previous versions of iOS and Android but also their latest versions.

How does the app work?

The app integrates seamlessly with the target phone. If you plan to use the app, you would first need to go to their webpage www.xnspy.com and subscribe. You will receive an email with login credentials and download link once you do it. Using the emailed material, you can easily set up Xnspy on a phone.

Good Design and Interface

For Xnspy, the novelty starts with its smart user interface. When you launch the app on Android or log in through the web interface, the app lands you on a ‘dashboard’ page. This page displays an overview of your account status including the device information, duration left to expire and other subscription details.

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When you enter the main menu you see a list of features which runs vertically along the left edge of the screen. This menu offers its user to see all the feed in a chronological order. The mobile spyware app’s interface has been designed in such a way that can reach your preferred features with a single click, such as checking the calls information.


Xnspy is remotely monitored and this requires continued connectivity on the monitored phone and your own device. Xnspy functions smoothly if you have a decent internet connection. We experienced no glitches or ‘lost connection to the server’ messages. On the main menu, you see calls and texts charts that give you an in-depth detail of the device use.

You must be thinking that what if there is no internet on the monitored device? Do we miss on all the data during that time? No, Xnspy records the information even when the device is not connected to the internet and uploads all the data as soon as the monitored phone is connected to a Wi-Fi.


The app boasts more than thirty monitoring features; here are some important mentions:

  1. Ambient Recorder: Xnspy has some surprising features. Suppose your child is out with friends and you do not want to call but only know if they are safe or not? This feature will provide you the recordings of the phone surrounding without the person knowing. It means the person need not be on the call, the app will access the microphone and upload it to your account. These recordings are provided as 30-minute clips.

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  1. Location Monitoring: Xnspy mobile spyware app also lets you monitor the current location, so you can keep an eye on the location of a person while sitting at home. Xnspy offers multiple location tracking features. You can log into your account and get a person’s location in real time. This would require internet enabled on both the devices. What if there is no internet on the target phone? Don’t worry, Xnspy will record the location information and upload a location log in your account when the internet is enabled on the phone.

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  1. Access Media Gallery: You can access and see the multimedia shared on the phone. It allows you to see the pictures made by the camera or shared through various apps. You can also watch the video on the phone. Additionally, all the scheduled appointments on the phone can be seen through this app.

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  1. Watchlist Alerts: Xnspy has a whole bunch of ancillary features for sorting various activities of the target person. If you are too busy with work or only want to monitor specific words, calls, or emails, then you can mention them all in the Watchlist feature of Xnspy and you will be notified whenever a specific word/contact/email is brought up on the phone. Not only this, you can also choose which places you want to monitor with the location Watchlist feature. Simply enter the name of the locations you want to Watchlist on your Xnspy account and when your monitored person visits those marked places, you will receive the alert.

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  1. IM monitoring: Apart from tracking incoming calls, stay updated about all the communication taking place on the target phone through Xnspy IM monitoring feature. You can read all the chats from popular messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Skype and many others. Apart from accessing the chats, you can also see the shared data in those conversations.


Overall, we found Xnspy a dynamic mobile spyware which is noticeably easy to use. The features are ample and you have the liberty to set the parameter of monitoring for certain features. You can also export the information and its cloud-based feature gives you access to control it remotely from anywhere. Xnspy is an attractive and affordable option.

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