Workers Compensation – What are Some of the Most Dangerous Industries to Work In?

When it comes to receiving compensation for work injuries, certain industries will tend to attract more claims than others. That is not to say that a work accident is not possible in any venue where safety has lapsed or become the second rather than the first thought. Payouts can be huge, so it is worth employers maintaining employee safety at all times. This can be about not leaving things to trip over, not blocking fire exits, using the correct safety equipment, and giving sufficient training to staff.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Southern California or other similar professionals in your area can be contacted should you find yourself in the position of having sustained an injury at work and wanting to claim compensation. This could be due to an employer’s negligence or disregard for safe working practices.

Let us then think about which industries are the most dangerous and seem to attract the greatest number of compensation claims.

Logging Workers

Those involved in logging are considered to have one of the most dangerous jobs. This is backed up by the evidence that the industry has a fatality rate of 111 per 100,000 workers.

Felling trees is dangerous if clear communications and instructions are lacking. Also, if the right safety equipment is not used when a dangerous piece of equipment such as a chainsaw is being used. If you’ve been hurt on the job its best to choose a qualified work injury attorney such as

Protective headgear and googles will need to be worn too, which should be supplied by the company hiring the workers.

The equipment will need to be regularly checked to see that it meets safety standards. Also, a quality supplier will need to be carefully chosen when equipment is first purchased or replaced.


Roofers, like scaffolders, climb high structures regularly and so can be at risk of falling. The ladders can be high and the roof slippery. The right boots and gloves must be worn for grip.

Should this be compromised, there may be a claim for compensation due if the worker lacked the right equipment amd fell from a ladder or slippery roof and sustained an injury.

A fall from a roof can potentially result in serious injury. Sometimes even loss of life. A life-changing injury such as a broken back or neck could be the result and then a worker might potentially be paralyzed for the rest of their working life and forced into early retirement.

You can imagine how much this claim would amount to when you take into account the person’s loss of income for the rest of their life and the medical bills and those of a carer. A lawyer will fight for large settlements in these instances.


Dangerous machinery is often used by farmers. It is not uncommon for limbs to be lost and some workers have even fallen into huge silage tanks and suffocated. Needless to say, there can be great risks to being a farmer or farmworker.

This occupation does seem to come with its unfair share of danger. More dangerous still if correct safety protocols have not been followed or training has been inadequate.

Farmworkers who feel that they have been forced into a situation at work where safety was compromised to get the job done will have the right to compensation. Besides, it is the responsibility of employers to look out for the safety and welfare of their employees.

We cannot be complacent about the dangers many occupations face. Nobody is above the law when it comes to following safety procedures.

Whether you are a logger, roofer, or farmer, you have the right to compensation should your health and welfare be compromised by unsafe working practices and procedures.

We will always have a lawyer to turn to who will help us achieve the best compensation payout possible through their legal advice, knowledge in gathering evidence, and courtroom presentation skills.

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