Wooden floors what color works best for your interior?

wooden floor

Styles and trends change constantly but natural colors and materials never go out of style. Your interior design starts with the floor it’s the base of any interior. A big advantage of wooden floors is that its easy to clean. Especially light floors don’t hide dirt and hair from your pets. It’s easy to maintain and sustainable. If you are wondering if a wooden floor might be a good option read on for some tips.

Light wood

Your home influences your quality of life and the floor selection will affect the entire room. You want to create a good atmosphere you feel comfortable in for a long period of time. If you choose a wooden floor there are many styles and colors to choose from. If you go for a light colored wooden floor you create a spacious look. It makes the room larger than it is. If you want a fresh clear feel go for light wood.

Dark brown to black colors

Dark colors for your wooden floor provides a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. You can easily create contrast with a white or light colored wall or bright furniture. Dark floors are perfect for large spaces to create a more intimate atmosphere. If you have a small room with not to much light a light floor is a better option.

Red and orange wooden floors

If you choose a wooden floor with a red or orange tone it will create a warm and intimate atmosphere. Red stands for energy, vitality and passion. Orange makes the room cozy, open and friendly.

Environmental friendly floors

French Forest Floors has a natural flooring solution for any home. The quality is great and the prices are reasonable thanks to the fact that they don’t have expensive retail outlets. They can offer a better price than most flooring company’s and the production process is environmentally friendly.

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