Wooden Accessories and Rings

There’s just something special about the way wood looks and feels. This is something that the car industry has known for a very long time. When you look at many of the interiors of high-end automobiles, you’ll see wood trim and wood accents in abundance. That’s because the rich texture and color of the wood gives the car interior a sense of luxury and class. Or you can consider the floors in some of the loveliest homes out there. Many of their designers opted to go with wooden surfaces for the flooring. Again, this is because the grain, texture, color and feel of the wood bring a certain natural elegance and warmth to the home’s interior.

The popularity of wood is continuing to evolve and grow. Nowadays, this material has become a fashionable choice, not just for the interiors we experience, but also for the accessories we put on. Online and in magazines, more and more celebrities and stars are choosing to accessorize with wood. Taylor Swift has her wood bracelets. Sarah Jessica Parker wears necklaces with wooden beads. It isn’t surprising at all to see wood accessories being worn by more musicians, actors and even sports celebrities.

People prize wood jewelry for how it looks and feels. But there’s another reason there’s so much demand for these accessories. There’s a greater awareness now of the fact that many of the precious metals and stones that adorn the jewelry that people wear, have a bloody past. These have been called conflict diamonds and conflict resources. People continue to learn how they might be sourced from places which are run by totalitarian governments or armed groups. Many of the individuals who do the actual extraction of metal and rock are treated no better than slaves. And the profits gained from the sale of these precious resources are funneled back to dictators and oppressors, further worsening this vicious cycle.

People are saying enough to these conflict resources, and are therefore turning away from them and toward other materials. This helps to explain why products such as wooden bracelets, frames for glasses, necklaces, and other accessories are continuing to take off. You even have companies coming out with wood accessories for phones and tablets, or phone covers designed to look like wood. It’s clear that this fascination and demand for wooden jewelry and other fashion items is only going to grow.

There is also an increasing demand for wooden rings. This is interesting because engagement and wedding rings aren’t just fashion statements. They’re also very significant personal items, which symbolize the lasting union between two people. More partners are turning to wooden rings for their weddings and engagements. It’s not a traditional choice, but it’s also not hard to understand why wood is becoming a more popular option. A wood ring has character. The grain, texture and color of these rings is truly unique, and no two wood rings are ever truly going to be the same. So if you want to give your loved one a ring which is one-of-a-kind, a wooden ring is a wonderful option. Wood rings also capture some of the essence of nature and the natural world. The wood recalls images of trees, forests and growing things. Wood can symbolize life, and particularly long life, and these ideas and aspirations make for lovely additions to the essence of a wedding or engagement ring. So while wood is not yet a traditional option for these rings, with time, it may soon become one.

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