Wonderful Ideas For Jewellery Gifts For Your Best Friend


We invited Emmi Jewellery to give us some wonderful ideas for jewellery gifts for your best friend. Click here for more.

Your best friend is the one who you can always turn to in times of need. They are the first people you go to when you need someone to talk to. When you’re sad they will try their hardest to cheer you up. They are the shoulder to cry on, because you know that they truly care about you. Sometimes you want to show your best friend just how much they mean to you. This may mean an inpromptu gift, or perhaps something extra special for their birthday. We invited Emmi Jewellery to

give us some wonderful ideas for jewellery gifts for your best friend.



Show her that you care…


Hearts are the classical symbol of love and friendship. They are an extremely popular design to show someone just how much you care. These two linked hearts on this delicate bracelet are completely handmade. They are made from 925 sterling silver with a dash effect on a double stranded silver chain. The perfect gift with tonnes of sentimental meaning attached.




A bond that lasts to infinity…

necklace, infinite symbol

The meaning of the infinity symbol is actually extremely beautiful and represents a strong friendship to perfection. It symbolises eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love too. Our gorgeous infinity pendant is made from superior quality sterling silver with a unique sparkle finish. The infinity symbol is suspended from an 18 inch silver chain. If she is not a fan of silver, this design is also available in gorgeous rose gold too.



Get her something glamourous…


If your best friend has her ears pierced then why not buy her some gorgeous handmade earrings? These glamourous earrings are the perfect way to bring a sparkle to her eyes. They have a mixture of three different metals which makes them extremely unique and diverse. The three hoops are made from 18ct gold plated over sterling silver, 18ct rose gold plated over sterling silver and sterling silver with a diamond cut finish. The overall diameter of the hoops is 25mm: the perfect choice for any glamourous girl.


You can’t go wrong with a ring…

gold ring

A ring is a classic token of affection for both lovers and between friends.  We just adore this handmade gold piece. This artisan made ring has a unique sparkle finish which makes for a unique piece of jewellery. The circle and square patterned ring is made from 18ct gold plate that is dazzled over a solid base of sterling silver. We have a wide range of sizes to suit absolutely any finger.


Whatever your best friend’s taste, you are bound to find something in the Emmi Jewellery collection that will suit her. These gorgeous jewellery gifts will definitely show her just how much you care. All handmade jewellery items are presented in a high quality, authentic Emmi Jewellery box which makes them perfect as a gift.

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