Women can gain respect and look great in a tailored suit

Tailored suits are traditionally seen as a wardrobe staple for men. When Savile Row was growing a reputation for tailoring, its clientele included high-profile male figures such as Lord Nelson, Winston Churchill and Prince Charles. Meanwhile, Ian Fleming and his fictional character James Bond were also famed fans of tailoring, heading to nearby Conduit Street to buy made-to-measure.

Bianca_Jagger_wearing_White_Tommy_Nutter_suit_by_Edward_Sexton_Iconic_bespokeBut, a bespoke suit can look just as impressive on a woman, if not more so, setting her apart from her peers. Here are just a few of the reasons a tailored suit is the ultimate way to dress to impress…

A better fit

Talking about ready-to-wear is a bit of a misnomer, considering that the selection of shop-bought sizes simply can’t be a perfect fit for everyone. Afterall, women’s bodies come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Ready-to-wear will, at best, provide a good-enough fit. Opting for custom-made will give you a suit which fits and flatters.

Completely unique

There can be a lack of choice of good women’s suits on the high street. This could leave you in danger of turning up to work or an important board meeting, only to find that one of your colleagues is wearing the exact same outfit.


There’s nothing more impressive in an interview situation than wearing a well-fitting quality suit. You immediately look as if you’re capable of doing the job, that you care about winning the position and that you mean business. A suit also gives you a presence in your day-to-day role, whether you’re speaking to potential clients in a bid to win a lucrative contract, asking your boss for a pay rise or making a presentation in front of shareholders.

Supremely flattering

There probably isn’t any woman on earth who is completely happy with her body. Even sex symbol Scarlett Johansson says she doesn’t like her thighs or her “midsection” while model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne says she would like to be curvier. A great tailor will be able to disguise your flaws and flatter your best bits, leaving you feeling supremely confident. And, when you feel confident, it’s easier to put forward that business proposal, make that presentation or walk into that party alone.

In good company

A-listers recognise the power of a custom-made suit. While seas of wannabes make their way down the red carpet in identikit gowns, some of the most powerful women in Hollywood have opted for a tailored suit to really make an impression. Jennifer Anniston recently wowed in a red Gucci suit at the Critics’ Choice Awards while Angelina Jolie opted for a classic black Saint Laurent suit at the Bafta Awards.

On trend

Recent years saw suits fall off the fashion radar a little in favour of separates. Wearing a suit was seen as old fashioned, unless your profession required you to. But, the matchy matchy look is definitely having a resurgence. Choosing a bespoke suit now will be an investment that is on trend but which won’t date.

Opting for a perfectly fitting suit in a conservative colour will give you a wardrobe staple which will create the right impression for years to come.



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