With these 6 ideas, your first date in Jacksonville will be anything but boring

Do you have a date soon, but you are not sure what you are going to do? Stop searching here is a list with the most original ideas for a first date. If you don’t have anyone to date you can easily find other singles on Jacksonville Personals. Wondering what you can do with your potential lover in Jacksonville? Then read on quickly.

1. Outdoor cinema

We know, going to the cinema on your very first date is not the most original. But this variation of watching a movie together is perfect for a first date. In the summer, such an outdoor cinema is already super fun, but even during cold days it is perhaps even more romantic. There are several drive in cinemas in Jacksonville. It is a popular and safe activity to do during the pandemic.

2. Comedy show

Laugh, scream, roar. If you want to make sure that you and your date have a great night out, you should attend a comedy show. The atmosphere is very chill there and all the jokes immediately break the ice. Do you want a bite to eat right away? There are plenty of comedy shows where you can snack. This will be fun anyway.

3. Cuddle animals

Who doesn’t love cute animals? Visit a shelter or visit a petting zoo during your date. This way you are nice and active and you have plenty of conversation material. Another advantage: you immediately see whether your date is good with animals. Have fun.

4. Play golf together

When you are dating in Jacksonville and prefer to do something active then this date idea is perfect for you. Put on your prettiest white blouse and go play golf. You are active and there is enough room for a joke here and there. Do you like your date? Then go for a drink after golf. Cheers.

5. Picnic on the beach

A picnic is always a good idea regardless of the season. Look for the most beautiful part of the park and enjoy wine and lots of delicacies, or share a romantic blanket and watch the sunset. Both ideas are very romantic and original as a first date. Also handy: because of the quiet environment you will not be disturbed during the conversation and you will learn a lot about your potential love.

6. Volunteer work

Doing something for someone else always feels good. Volunteering together. The advantage of this date is that the possibilities are endless. Consider, for example: plastic fishing on the beach in Jacksonville, helping with an animal shelter or walking through the park with the elderly. Afterwards, you will both go home with a satisfied feeling. And the people you have worked for too!

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