With the worlds most versatile camera clip you’ll never use a selfie stick again

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Super excited to announce there is finally a solution for the annoying selfie stick, because lets be honest using a stick is not that convenient. If you want to create stunning images, close ups and selfies with your smartphone read on!

Move over selfie stick!

OolaLens is an affordable and high quality lens package. You can clip it on your smartphone without a problem and comes in 3 versions the Fisheye, Macro 12Xlens and the Macro 24x lens. With these clips you can use the front face camera and back camera and  you can capture amazing images without a selfie stick. Best of all you get 3 different types of lenses to create stunning images. The Oola Lens is compatible for most smartphones.



A fisheye lens is a wide angle lens. It gives a spherical view of the world the difference with a normal wide angle lens is that the effect is more stylish. Distortion is actually one of the key features of this lens. With this extreme wide angle lens you can create playful portraits and stunning bending landscape photos.


The macrolens makes super clear pictures from small objects. Extreme close ups where you can magnify anything you want. It is used in nature photography to make close up pictures from insects and birds. But did you know the macrolens is also the secret to great food photography images? If you’ve ever seen the mouth watering food photography close ups on Instagram and wondered how they are made…. The macrolens is the secret to create these mouth watering close ups!

Perfect for travel

If you are looking for a high engineered lens to create great quality pictures you will love the OolaLens. It’s practical and fashionable at the same time. Easy to carry on when you travel because it fits right in your pocket. It’s just perfect to create really good pictures with your smartphone!

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