Wishlist from beautyspin’s black friday sales!

Whenever I need beauty products I shop at Beautyspin. Makeup, perfumes, bath and body care they have everything you need. Luckily black friday sale is here! So you can get the best products for a huge discount. I made a list of my favorite beauty products. Let me know your favorites.

lancomeIn the winter my skin gets super dry, this anti wrinkle firming treatment helps a lot, I apply it every morning on my face and neck. With the dryness of the heater in my home and the fact that its cold outside this cream helps a lot. My skin feels smoother, firmer and hydrated even wrinkles get smoother.

chloeI am in love with Chloé eau de parfum, this perfume makes you feel elegant and confident. Its a classy mature sent, I used to love sweet scents but during winter I rather wear classy scents. Its a fresh smooth floral scent with rose.


Instead of wearing hair extensions that can damage your hair I rather use a volume spray. The Keratase volume roots spray is one of the best so far, even thick hair can benefit from this spray. It gives fine hair a boost and makes your hair full without weighted down effect.

My favorite mascara is Lancome Virtuose Divine Lasting Curves because you only need to apply one or two times to get great full lashes. Its long lasting up to 12 hours and easy to remove. I find with a lot of mascaras its difficult to remove but with this mascara I don’t have that problem at all.

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