Winter Skin Woes No More: Here’s Your Ultimate Hydration and Anti-Aging Guide


– Supple Even in Winter: Collagen for Skin

Winter not only brings about its alluring coolness but also poses a threat to the skin’s health.

The dry indoor heat and biting cold winds combine to sap away our skin’s natural moisture, resulting in unpleasant consequences. Dry, cracked, and irritated skin can be more than just an immediate inconvenience; it can also accelerate the aging process.

To nourish your winter skin, first and foremost, take hydration seriously. It is essential to aid body functions like temperature regulation and digestion and to maintain skin resilience. Maintaining the optimal indoor humidity level of 45-50% can effectively prevent dry skin. To achieve this, investing in a humidifier is worth considering.

Another solution is to use a moisturizer with intense hydrating properties during the winter. This not only helps retain moisture but also creates a protective barrier for the skin. Lastly, consuming collagen supplements is an excellent method of replenishing essential resources that your skin requires for collagen synthesis, which effectively helps to combat the signs of aging.

The Truth about Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a vital part of the skin’s dermis, responsible for moisture retention and maintaining skin elasticity. It acts as a support for the epidermis, preventing it from sagging. The decrease in collagen levels leads to dry skin, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity, which speeds up the aging process. Collagen starts to decrease in your mid-20s and loses 1% each year. To keep your skin elastic and healthy, make sure to regularly consume and replenish your collagen levels.

Do substances such as bone broth or fish truly work wonders in improving your skin? One common misconception is that these sources are a viable means of obtaining collagen. While technically correct, the size of collagen molecules, which often exceeds 300,000Da, results in low absorption rates.

Therefore, the solution lies in liquid collagen supplements, particularly those with hydrolyzed collagen. This low-molecular-weight collagen are more readily absorbed by the body.

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To have supple and healthy skin, you should maintain your skin’s moisture, sleep well, and use quality cosmetics. However, for essential care, nourishing your body with nutrients matters more than anything else. It can be challenging to obtain all the nutrients required for your skin from regular meals. Collagen supplementation products are necessary under these circumstances. These products are produced specifically for enhancing skin, hair, and nail health and are more effective than consuming collagen through food. If you want healthy skin like a baby’s, I suggest consuming collagen.

The top K-beauty collagen, ‘Vitalbeautie Super Collagen EX,’ is widely recognized among beauty enthusiasts who seek fundamental beauty.


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Vitalbeaute’s Super Collagen has been the No. 1 functional collagen product in Korea for 13 years. Recognized as a skin functional raw material by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in 2010, it has gained the trust and love of millions of consumers, with over 200 million bottles sold.

The upgraded Super Collagen has demonstrated remarkable improvements in skin indicators, as proven through the AP collagen peptide human application test in Korea. It now contains a total of 4,000mg of low-molecular collagen, including 1,000 mg of AP collagen peptide and 3,000mg of multi-particle collagen. Additionally, it is enriched with vitamin C, L-glutathione, hyaluronic acid, biotin, and niacin. This powerful combination provides deep nourishment and moisturization, resulting in healthier and more radiant skin.


All-in-one beauty shot:

Not only 4,000mg of collagen, but also hyaluronic acid, glutathione, biotin, vitamin C and niacin in one bottle! Achieve a radiant and revitalized complexion with our 3-step system. Step 1 boosts radiance with vitamin C, step 2 revitalizes with L-glutathione yeast extract, and step 3 provides a tone-up effect using niacin. Don’t take it separately. Let’s drink it effectively at once.


Best Liquid Collagen from Korea:

Koreans are not only famous for their K-beauty skin care tips & products, but also beauty supplements are widely used, such as collagen supplements. A total of 200 million bottles of Korea’s No. 1* functional collagen have been sold, and it is said to be a huge length equivalent to 12,000 miles if the product is pulled up (The round-trip distance between LA and Seoul!)

*Based on the production of only certified collagen materials in Korea in 2021


Tasty & easy to take a bottle a day! :

The fishy taste often associated with collagen has been eliminated. Instead, the newly released Super Collagen is infused with a delicious tropical mango flavor. It is also formulated with no sweeteners, preservatives or added sugars.

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