Winter Essentials Every Fashionista Needs

Are you prepared for winter? Even though November is almost over, it hasn’t got quite as cold as it will, it is still important to get your wardrobe ready for winter now. Otherwise, the weather might catch you out, and you may have to spend a few chilly days before you have time to go out and buy some seasonal clothing!

So what should you be looking for when you are out shopping for your winter wardrobe? Here is our ultimate guide to the winter essentials that every stylish fashionista needs!



A Winter Coat

It’s pretty obvious that a winter coat will serve you very well during the colder months. But there are still a lot of girls out there who try and get through the season with just a jacket or thick hoody. Girls, it’s super important to get a big winter coat! Not only will it keep you incredibly warm, but most are also extremely waterproof. So you don’t have to worry about going out and getting caught in the rain! So, which style of winter coat should you be looking for this year? There are a number of coat trends that are big this winter. Faux fur is making a comeback this year, so expect to see a lot of coats with fur-fringed collars. Most of these should be removable, so you won’t have to wear all that fur all the time! Usually, black coats are very en vogue. However, this year the shades and colors of winter coats are lightening up. You’ll see a lot of very stylish camel and neutral colored coats hanging on the rails in shops! Don’t have time to hit the shops? You can find designer clothes and coats that are perfect for winter online.




Most winter coats can be fairly pale and understated. So there is no wonder that many girls want to wear some bright accessories with their coat to liven up their look. And one of the best accessories to use is a scarf. It won’t only be stylish, but it will also help you to stay very warm and cozy. No matter how cold the temperatures dip outside! There are a couple of different styles when it comes to a scarf. Most people go for the thinner ones that they can tuck into their coats. However, bigger and chunkier ones are starting to come into fashion. These scarfs are so big, you’ll need to wear them over your coat. Going with this latter option is a great way to make a great fashion statement this winter!




Boots are very important in winter. Not only will they keep your toes nice and toasty warm, but they can also stop you from slipping all over the place! When you are shopping for boots, you should try and find some that are made from real leather. These are slightly more expensive than faux leather, but you will certainly feel the benefit! They will be a lot hardier and will last you for at least a couple of winters. They will also be a lot more waterproof than faux-leather boots as well. You should also try and find some boots that have a lot of grip on their sole. This will make it a lot safer for you to walk over icy surfaces. It could also be a good idea to buy a pair of thick wooly socks when you buy your boots too. Many people find that boots are a lot comfier to wear with some thick socks!




Worried about cold hands and fingers? You won’t be if you find yourself a good pair of gloves! If you fancy treating yourself to a fancy pair of super smooth gloves, look for ones made out of cashmere. If you know that you will be outside a lot this winter, it could also be worth buying a pair that is waterproof. If you just want your gloves to make a fashion statement, you could consider buying a fancy leather pair. Many people also let modern technology influence their decisions when it comes to buying gloves. That’s because it is now possible to buy ones that you can keep on when using a touch-screen mobile or tablet. Touch screens can’t pick up whenever someone is touching them if they have gloves on. But there are now modern gloves that use a special thread which touchscreens can detect. So you don’t have to worry about taking your gloves off and getting your hands cold whenever you need to send someone a text message!



Winter Hat

Most girls don’t bother with hats because they get very paranoid about hat hair. But you don’t need to worry about that if you stick to a lazy winter hairstyle! You also won’t have to worry about hat hair too much if you get the right kind of hat. Throughout winter, chunky wooly hats and beanies are the most popular choice for many people. That’s because they will keep your head nice and warm no matter how much it snows! But if you want something slightly more fashionable, you could go for a cool fedora or a chic beret.



Vintage Cardigan

There is no more sophisticated fashion statement to make in winter than wearing a vintage cardigan! And one of the great things about vintage cardigans is that you can find them quite cheaply in thrift stores or second-hand clothes shops. Alternatively, you could push the boat out and buy a very stylish vintage-style one from a boutique. Like all of the essentials for any winter wardrobe, these types of cardigans are extremely stylish. But the great thing is that they’re fashionable without losing any of their comfort. So you can stay warm and snug while also looking fantastic! You can layer up your cardi with a long-sleeved t-shirt. If it is extra cold outside, you could even pop your cardigan on over the top of a thin sweatshirt for extra warmth!

Still worried about your winter wardrobe? You shouldn’t be now that you have this fantastic guide to winter fashion!

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