Winstag: An App that Allows Fashion Enthusiasts to Share Their Passion and Earn in the Process


There’s a lot to love about Winstag if you’re a fashion fanatic. After all, it gives you access to exclusive fashion trends that are only just being promoted by the top stylists from around the world. Not only that, it also lets you flaunt your own style and share it (and even earn useful bonuses and rewards in the process) with others who have the same passion. Indeed, if there is one social platform that’s perfect for the fashion freak, no other app can compare to Winstag.

It works in the same way as other social networking platforms when it comes to building your profile. You set your picture (which is undoubtedly of greater importance in a social app that focuses on fashion), invite and follow others, and share your fashion getups.

The undeniable strength of Winstag as a whole hinges on its tagging feature, though. With it, you’ll be able to tag every piece of clothing and accessory you’re wearing so others would immediately be able to know where to get more detailed information about it and even promptly buy it. These tags can be easily viewed and tapped, regardless of where you place them on your photo so others won’t have a hard time going to the succeeding site where they can buy it.


As said above, the app has a good way of rewarding its users with the apparels that they tag. For instance, there is, as of this writing, a rewards system in place that gives you cash incentives for the number of unique brands that you tag as well as the number of people you are able to invite into the app.

For example, if you invite 10 people to the app, Winstag will reward you with 15 stg. The same promo is in place for people who tag brands in their photos. For every 10 unique brands you tag, you’ll get 15 stg. This is but the minimum amount you can earn and the more you invite or tag, the more you’re guaranteed to earn.

You can never run out of tags because there are equally numerous brands of every apparel or accessory that you wear and share in Winstag. This makes the platform not only a good place to share photos and widen your fashion circles but also an amenable place where you can promote healthy advertising that’s perfect for entrepreneurs and businessmen alike.

These said qualities are what also make the app able to stand apart from the rest of social networking and photo-sharing apps in the App Store. It is able to succeed because it has nurtured and continuous to develop a community that caters specifically to fashion enthusiasts, stylists, and bloggers.

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