Will Weight Watchers Work for You?

weight watchers

Weight Watchers has been the no. 1 weight loss program for a couple of years now, claiming that you will lose at least 2 pounds every week. But what exactly is Weight Watchers and will it work for me?

How Weight Watchers Work:

Weight Watchers doesn’t tell you what and what not to eat. You are free to eat whatever you want – at a “cost”. And this is one of the reasons W. Oprah, who loves eating bread, supports it. The program works on a SmartPoints basis, where every food gets a value based on calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. If you do succumbed to that big piece of chocolate cake, you can also walk it off, since you also earn FitPoints for activities whether exercise or cleaning the house – as long as you’re active.

The diet they promote is science driven and revolves around what they call the 4 pillars: food, exercise, behavior and support.

Food: they believe every person’s tastes and eating habits differ. Therefore, they don’t believe in forcing you to only eat certain things at certain times and in certain amounts.

Exercise: science shows that starting a diet and strict exercise program at the same time is not a strategy for success. Weight Watchers start incorporating exercise some time after the diet started.

Behavior: If you don’t change your behavior and the way you think about food, you’ll never lose the weight. That’s why they promote self-monitoring.

Support: You can’t do it alone. Therefor they have weekly meetings at which lectures, advice, support and success stories are given and shared. This is also where the Group Leader weighs each person individually (and privately) and gives feedback. You can also find tasty and healthy recipes on their website.


  • You can eat what you want.
  • The diet it promotes is a healthy one with no nasty consequences like many other programs out there. You have the support of fellow weight watchers – those doing the program with you, and those who already achieved success within the program.
  • You can constantly track your progress.
  • It synchs with many other popular activity monitors.
  • Personal coaching or a 24/7 expert online chat service is available.


  • As is the case with any other weight loss program, you need to have the right mindset and be disciplined enough to stick it out. If not, you’re wasting time and money.
  • It’s expensive. The start-up fee for all new members are $20, and then you still need to choose the program that you believe is the right fit for you; they range between $20 – $70. Everything else such as the meetings, coaching, chat service etc… comes at additional costs. And none of these expenses actually include any food.
  • Trying to always be counting points can become tedious.

Is Weight Watchers the right diet program fit for you?

Well, only you can decide. But it’s a fairly easy program, allowing you space and freedom to eat what you want, when you want and how much you want without compromising on taste. But this freedom also requires discipline. If you’re someone who could also use a supportive hand along the way – then this is probably one of the better programs for you. That is if you’re willing to pay the price tag.


Adrie Morell is one of the millions of people who tried Weight Watchers and list weight. In February 2014 she weighed over 230 lbs. Being obese had put a burden on her self-esteem and health. After talking to a friend who at that time was already a Weight Watchers member, Adrie joined the program.  “It’s not a diet. It’s a way of life”, says Andrie, who learned that in order to lose weight and keep it off you must track your weight loss, exercise and drink water. “30 months later, and 80 lbs lighter,  I can now walk into a clothing shop and purchase a size 14 when in the past I used to buy size 22 or 24”, says Adrie Morell.


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