Wig Care 101: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Hair comes in all colors, lengths and styles. Consequently, there are also wigs or hairpieces with curls and all sorts of styles. However, some hairs are better suited for a wig than others. One of the popular wigs nowadays are pre-plucked glueless wigs since it takes less time to prepare. Read all about wigs in this article.

Synthetic or real hair

The difference between synthetic and real hair is barely visible these days. There is a big difference in quality. A wig with synthetic hair dulls much faster, the shine and resilience disappear faster and the wig is also damaged more easily, for example by friction. A wig with synthetic hair should be replaced every other year.


A natural hair wig can easily last four to five years and remain beautiful. The hairpiece will not yet be completely worn out, but the hairs will of course not renew and will therefore lose their resilience.

How many hairs in wig?

It takes eight to twelve ponytails to make a wig, depending on the thickness of the ponytail. How many hairs are used depends on how close the hairs are placed next to each other. A normal person has more than 100,000 hairs on his or her head. So many hairs are never used for a wig, because that would make the wig too heavy to wear.

Pre-plucked wigs

There are different types of wigs pre-plucked and bleached wigs comes with many advantages. This type of hairpiece will come with a natural hairline so it will look better and not like a fake wig. Also it takes less time to make it look good since the baby hair is already plucked.

Hair color

There are wigs in all hair colors and styles, including gray hair, but beautiful gray hair is difficult to find. Very light blonde hair, which has a nice shine and is not damaged, is also difficult to find. This of course affects the price, so the wigs in those hair colors are more expensive. Also ombre wigs are very popular.

To wash

You can wash a wig just like your own hair. This is done in the same way, you wet the wig with running water and shampoo. Someone who wears a wig permanently, from morning to evening, is recommended to wash the wig every five to seven weeks. It is better to take off your wig for this, but it is not necessary.


A wig can withstand water, so you can shower with it perfectly. Although it is practically easier to remove the wig and keep it dry and in shape that way. Since water does not damage a wig, you can also swim with it.


Swimming is possible because a wig also stays in place very well, especially if it is custom-made. Inside there are also special anti-slip zones and there are also polyurethane zones on which you can apply transparent adhesives.

To sleep

You can sleep with a wig, but it is still recommended to take off your hair at night. It partly determines the lifespan. At night we turn and lean on our heads, the friction reduces the lifespan of the hair and can damage the wig.

How to store your wig

There are supports or a working head to put the wig on at night. If you want to store a wig or hairpiece for a longer period of time, it is best to store it in a box, protected from dust and daylight. 

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