Why you should visit the Maldives for your honeymoon


The Maldives is a popular diving and snorkeling paradise and is perhaps the most beautiful diving location in the world.

The Maldives with their abundance of sun, sea, beach, peace, and comfort. And last but not least, their romance and delicious food and drinks, good for an unforgettable honeymoon trip. In the Maldives you can expect the most wonderful white beaches, beautiful blue sea, beautiful hotels, and romantic seaplanes, the friendly, hospitable population wants nothing more than to give you a very special trip! Read on to find out more about Maldives honeymoons.

Maldives romantic destination

The Maldives consists of almost 1200 coral islands, spread over 26 ring-forming islands in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. In total, the Maldives measure 90,000 km², of which only 298 km² lands. The largest island is 5 km² in size, nine islands are larger than 2 km², two hundred islands are inhabited and on another 88 islands. You fly to these hotel islands by seaplane or speedboat: an unforgettable event due to the magnificent view of the islands and the sea. And of course by the seaplane or speedboat itself. How romantic is that? After landing on the water you will be dropped off in front of the hotel. Luxury everywhere! 

Maldives, honeymoon

Anantara Dhigu Resort

It is wonderful to relax in the Maldives where doing nothing is an art. Interspersed with delicious food and drinks of course. When you are looking for a great family-friendly hotel visit Anantara Dhigu Resort. It is a family-friendly Maldives property. Close to Male Airport; 35 minutes by speed boat. Child beds and cots are available; kids under 6 eat free, cool on-site Kids’ Club, babysitting services and an onsite doctor. The staff at Anantara Dhigu Resort are friendly and the service is excellent. In short, a stay in the Maldives is exactly what you are looking for when you want a dream honeymoon.


The average temperature is a wonderful 28 degrees Celsius all year round, but the humidity is very high. The temperature of the water varies between 27 and 29 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind the weather when booking. It is dry here from December to April and most rain falls in July and August. The Maldives is a democratic republic with 395,000 inhabitants. President  Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, is in charge and there are no political parties.

Fun Activities

The Maldives is a popular diving and snorkeling paradise and is perhaps the most beautiful diving location in the world. A real dream place for a wonderful honeymoon! Go to Shadow Palm were they offer a snorkeling trip to “shark point” where you can snorkel between the sharks. This is completely safe! In addition, trips are also offered for snorkeling or diving with whale sharks. If you still have enough time, there are plenty of other activities to do. You have the option to visit other local islands during a tour. You can go fishing during sunset. You can learn how to fish in the traditional way and then eat your own fish. You can also go on a special trip looking for dolphins or get dropped off on a sandbank for a day.

Relax in a hammock with a radiant sun while enjoying a cocktail. A white, quiet beach surrounded by palm trees and a glittering light blue sea. Doesn’t this sound like a perfect place to forget all your worries and enjoy your honeymoon?

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