Why you should optimize your webpages for vertical search

vertical search engine

When thinking search engine – Google comes to mind instantly and there’s a good reason for that. Google certainly has achieved top ranking in all search engines. However, this is another type of search engine – the vertical search engine.

Using vertical search is extremely useful if you need a more specific search which enables your SEO to target a niche audience as opposed to trying to catch the eye of your audience amongst all the noise on Google, unless you specifically search on Google’s image, location or map search.

Including vertical search in your SEO and digital marketing strategy is a great way to cover all search engine bases on the web, especially when attempting to pay attention to a particular audience.

Why the need for vertical search?

SEO and digital marketing strategies are continually changing, and organisations are becoming increasingly aware of new ways to streamline their focus on their target audience. Vertical search optimisation (VSO) is fast becoming a useful added tool that marketers can use to increase their conversion rate.

Vertical search is not really a well-known topic even amongst marketers, as Google is the first point of call when wanting to do an online search. However, this local seo brisbane trend is beginning to grow, which is good news for digital marketing. This is exactly why your SEO tactics will get a boost by completing a digital marketing course which covers lessor known topics such as vertical search.

Vertical vs horizonal search

Doing a general search on Google for instance is a great example of a ‘horizontal’ search. This is called a horizontal search which goes through the entire web covering a range of topics and media sources, therefore produces a large number of results. A vertical search is when you drill down your search to a very specific topic which gives you a narrowed down list of search engine results.

YouTube and Amazon are good examples of vertical search engine options and there are many others on the world wide web that you can direct your SEO towards if you want to zoom in on a specific audience.

Target your audience with vertical search

As with all marketing strategies, a digital marketing plan should be no different in the sense that it’s wise not to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to SEO. Adopting a vertical search approach to your SEO means you’ll need to spend a lot of time submitting your website to many search engines, specifically targeting the ones that are in line with your business. It’s a lot of work up front, but the SEO benefits are worth all the effort.

Vertical search gives you the opportunity to get your website showing up a lot more on search engine results as for every industry there are dozens of vertical search engines that you could be listed on – that means great SEO results.

How to optimise your webpages for vertical search

With the basics of vertical search now explained, it’s time to optimise your site to get the most value from this SEO tactic. A good starting point is to think about the popular topics that are being searched on regular basis and how this relates to your business. There are many local directories where you can list your webpages such as Yellow Pages, Yelp or Google My Business.

The following tips are extremely useful to optimise your vertical search:

  • Video – The impact of videos is huge for business. Besides optimising your video on your site, it should be available on YouTube too as this is one of the largest vertical search engines today.
  • Images – Images must always be optimised, as the search engines use information such as, file name, alt text and location when finding image results.
  • Niche websites – It goes without saying that you should fully understand your industry, but when it comes to vertical search this couldn’t be more important. Research the sites that you could list on – the list is long, so don’t miss out..

In the ever-changing world of SEO vertical search is yet another option to include in your digital marketing strategy and the rewards certainly pays off when you make the most out of vertical search optimisation.

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