Why You Should Listen to Financial Podcasts

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If you are a Christian and are struggling financially, possibly the worst thing you could ever do is to seek advice from a non-Christian. Not that the advice would necessarily be bad, but they do not have your spiritual interests at heart, know nothing about tithing and do not understand about God’s provision in your life.

The first thing that we, as Christians, should be doing in a time of financial crisis (or even when we simply wish to gain more knowledge around our finances) is to pray. Next, we need to seek counsel from a fellow Christian who is sufficiently qualified to assist us.

If your financial problem is not too serious or if you have already been assisted, you will likely be advised to educate and inform yourself more on financial matters so as to avoid a re-occurence of the same problem in the future.

A great way to become informed on financial matters as God intended is to listen to financial podcasts for Christians. These are extremely enlightening and interesting and will give you all the insight that you need. Such podcasts can be found and streamed from reputable sites such as meek.co where there is a plethora of information on a wide range of enlightening topics for Christians.

Excellent examples of financial podcasts for Christians include, Christian Wealth (by Alex Cook), Compass Financial, Chris Brown’s True Stewardship and My Money Life with Chuck Bentley. All these podcasts can be streamed from the Meek website and listened to whenever it is convenient for you.

With information like this freely available to you, learning about your finances has never been easier and your days of struggling financially will soon be a thing of the past!

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