Why You Should Consider Lip Fillers


Nothing is more sensual than full, vet lips. Their preferred appearance has changed throughout history, so as trends related to the shape of the female body. Still, volume seems to remain the most desirable feature for this part of the face. While some ladies are naturally endowed with full lips, those who weren’t so lucky can take advantage of easy and painless procedures to achieve the dream look.

We’re talking about fillers. These substances used to correct their appearance have been popular for more than two decades. Technology and materials have changed and become better than ever. Today, there are procedures and supplies that are absolutely safe and painless.

Fillers are widely used in modern aesthetic and dental surgery. You probably think this method only serves to improve the look of your face, but the thing is a bit different. Indeed, people opt for lip fillers to enhance or change what nature has given them in most cases. But there are other benefits that you probably haven’t thought about.

Diminish Aging Signs

There are numerous reasons to get fillers, but one of the most important is the ability to restore youthful, elasticity-looking lips. Once the years of daily sun exposure and daily drinking of coffee have depleted the healthy tissue of your mouth, the skin around it can become loose, saggy, and wrinkled.

The wrinkled skin often reveals an age-related loss of collagen. This substance is a key protein in keeping the skin tight and supple. When this happens, the elasticity of the epidermis can be easily lost. In places where the skin is thin and delicate, such as in the mouth area, these irregularities are first noticed.

Hyaluronic acid can slow down skin aging by preventing water loss. Since this substance is naturally found in the deeper layers of the skin, its loss causes premature aging. Luckily, fillers can make up for it. For these reasons, this treatment is perfect for restoring the youthful appearance of your lips.

Have a Dream Lips

Not everyone is naturally endowed with the sensual lips you see in magazines and on TV. Ladies with thin, undefined mouths often decide to change their look, and fillers are their choice. Unlike the materials used before (once popular silicone), these substances are easily distributed through tissue, which makes it much easier to achieve the natural shape of the lips.

High-quality fillers used by seasoned aesthetician can give your lips the so-called cherry effect, which plumps them up. To get this result, your doctor will inject a high-grade, injectable form of hyaluronic acid directly into the wrinkles on your mouth. This injection will instantly give you the desired results. Still, it may take a couple of weeks after the treatment to see improvements.

On the following page, check some basics about dermal fillers:


Achieving Symmetry


Fillers sculpt your lips, so they’re more symmetrical and natural. If you inject them for this reason, the results can last for almost two years. This fact makes the treatment very cost-effective, so you should find a trusted doctor to get the best value for your money.

This treatment tightens wrinkles and reduces unevenness. It also increases your overall volume by preventing dehydration in the mouth area. For this effect, shots with a lower concentration of the active ingredient are used, which is why their shelf life is only a few months. But it is completely safe to repeat the procedure from time to time.

The biggest advantage of lip filler treatment is the achievement of a natural look. Hyaluronic acid with supplements does not cause facial muscles to contract and ‘freeze’ (unlike, for example, Botox). Instead, these compounds help people maintain natural contour and facial expressions. So, you will not look like a broken plastic doll.

Safe and Effective Treatment

Most substances that were once used in cosmetic surgery are now banned due to the multitude of side effects. Science has come up with safer solutions to correct face look. When it comes to lip augmentation, hyaluronic acid is number one.

People prefer to use fillers for better and healthier-looking lips. They can achieve that by using these dermal shots as a safe alternative to the surgical treatment that one undergoes to enhance the shape and size of the mouth.

Fillers are a low-risk alternative to the surgical procedure that one undergoes to have fuller lips. During the surgery, there is a high risk of infection and complications, which can cause great pain and discomfort. Shots get in touch with the minimal skin surface, causing tiny rupture to inject filler. The needles are disposable and sterilized before use.

Hyaluronic fillers have almost no side effects. That makes them very safe to apply every few months. Irritations and allergic reactions are possible in individuals, but this can be noticed after the first treatment, after which it is stopped. No major complications were reported.

Fast Procedure

Because the fillers require professional handling, doctors or aestheticians must perform the procedure in a hospital setting. Many insurance companies won’t cover this procedure, so in most cases, you pay for it. And when you already pay, make sure you find the best clinic and aesthetician (or dental expert) to perform the treatment. On this source, see how to find them.

The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t last more than an hour. First, an anesthetic in the form of a cream is applied to a clean face. Pain is inevitable due to the sensitivity of the area, but you won’t feel it.

After your lower face part numb, the doctor injects fillers. That takes only a few minutes. At first, you might feel some soreness. But after the effect of anesthesia passes, the sensation returns, and you finally get the lips you’ve always wanted.

Soft, juicy lips have the power to beautify the face and refresh a smile. Their colour and hydration speak of good health and youth. Proper lip care is necessary, as much as care for the general health. And for any improvement necessary, lip fillers can save the day.

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