Why You Need To Build Your Own Eco-Garden Room

garden rooms

No, not a garden shed, a garden room. Garden rooms are an excellent way to extend your home without extending your home. They’re kind of a separate entity within themselves. Most studio sheds and garden rooms are built for an outside study room, an office or just as extra living space. They’re generally built as an opportunity for a homeowner to be creative and to design and build a room completely from the ground up. Homeowners who want to makeover their home, but lack the funds find building a garden room to be a cheaper yet fulfilling alternative.

garden rooms
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The dominant force that drives someone to build their own little corner is because they don’t have the funds for an extension to their home, but want to create a personal space. Nothing else gives you more freedom than building your own garden room. A chance for you to give birth to your sanctuary.

You may have a family and all the rooms in the home are taken. So, if you want an option to build a cost-effective guest room, this is a superb route to take. For the guest that is lucky enough to reside within the walls of your garden home, they’ll get a firsthand taste of your style and substance. It’s not just an affordable guest room, it’s an opportunity for your to make a statement about yourself.

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Plumbing and electrics

This is where you call an expert in. The electronics that will power the lighting, heating and any sources of entertainment e.g. T.V. A consumer unit will have to be fitted to the outside or interior of the room; this will be directly linked to the main power of your home. It will cost more, but the safest practice is to dig the cables powering the room, underground to avoid birds or animals damaging them.

To avoid flooding, specialist plumbing companies must have a hands-on approach to your endeavor. Remember, this room can be absolutely anything you want it to be. Most guest room designs have a fully functioning toilet and shower, completely enclosed inside. As you can see, the DIY is basic, but the reward of an entirely new room for a low price is immense; all you need is a little flare.

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Whatever the laws of your land are, the section relevant to building a property in your garden is subject to the ‘Permitted Development for Outbuildings’ laws. In most cases, there’s no need to fret and be disheartened because the roof of the average garden room is 2.5 meters tall. This height fits neatly within common law boundaries. Here’s what makes this an environment-friendly property, fixing solar panels to the roof, could give you enough energy to power the room without using resources from the mains. How great is that!?

It goes without saying, but the method in which the room is built and the materials used comply with building regulation requirements. However, the most popular option is to create cozy rooms of 30m2, which don’t require you to fill out any forms for building regulations. Non-combustible materials must be used, however. This is so non-flammable substances are incorporated into the property only. As the room is in the garden, a fire in vegetation is very dangerous.

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