Why You Might Need A Panic Button?

panic button

People often confuse panic buttons with burglar alarms. Panic buttons have multifarious usage that ranges from informing the police about a security breach to informing a hospital about medical emergencies. You can install them in your home in case you have your old parents living with you. They can easily seek assistance from family members when needed. If you are a business manager, risk management and ensuring the safety and security of your workplace should be your priority. A panic button is a panacea that can address several of your concerns. Here are 5 reasons that make it imperative to install this device.

1. Faster Than Other Communicating Medium

Dialing a number may take some time and a victim may not have enough time to inform others. Even if he does, the law enforcement unit or the emergency mitigation team may take at least 5-10 minutes to arrive at the spot. This is a lifetime for such an adrenaline pumping situation. Panic buttons are a real saviour in cutting down the time of response to an extent. These are small and wireless but work fine at the press of a button. Just ensure that they aren’t installed at wireless dead spots.

2. Fully Automated

Panic buttons don’t have to be programmed very often. If you are worried about calling someone from the company every time you have to reset the button, you may consider buying a USB powered panic button that has an interactive program to reconfigure its functionalities. So, you can set them to send the messages to a single authority or multiple authorities. Since these automated devices are battery powered, it’s possible that they drain out very frequently. So, one should ensure the charging of the device from time to time. Further, these miniature but powerful devices can be noisy or silent. You can set your preferences. However, a loud siren may alarm the intruder and you may not be able to catch him red-handed.

3. Integrable With Home Automation Kit

There are many modular home automation kits that enable you to fix additional electronic products to enhance their functionalities. So, most panic buttons can work seamlessly with the home automation systems like Apple Homekit. Further, these buttons can be reprogrammed easily and they are often equipped with automation technologies like X-10, INSTEON and ZigBee.

4. Technological Surveillance

In large workplaces, say hotels, the staff often have to work in isolation. This makes them prone to workplace violence like verbal threats, stalking and assaults that can be sexual at times and may prove fatal. These blows may come either from their colleagues, visitors or even the employers. Installing emergency button at the workplace can boost employee morale and loyalty. The button can trigger alerts to the security computer screens and notify the local help desk. Thus, panic buttons cut the response time to an emergency to a mere seconds rather than hours.

5. Security

Businesses often have to tackle angry customers and most often they vent their frustration at the reception. Placing a silent panic button at the reception is a great way to tackle a possible disaster by calling your manager. Thus, placement of the panic buttons at appropriate locations is very crucial. For example, panic buttons can be placed at multiple locations like the reception walls and desks so that the receptionist can press the button even before the intruder can harm him/her. In a warehouse, it is necessary to ensure that the buttons are placed at the farthest locations so that a worker can press it when he sees an intruder entering through the backdoor.

Accidents occur in a flash but that can scar you for your lifetime. You don’t want to repent over the phantom of a past that could have been undone. So, it’s wise on your part to install the panic buttons as security measures to prevent such mishaps.


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